The Mystery of the Decon 7 Barrier

Decon7 LogoThe mystery of the “invisible barrier” is solved. All surfaces treated with Decon7 are known to resist microbial growth. This phenomenon applies to myriad surfaces, including: carpet, clothing, brick, vinyl (fences, siding, curtains – poultry barns), cement, stucco, all wood for construction, HVAC ducting, evaporator coil pans, sheetrock, filter material, etc. Recent lab testing has unlocked the mystery to explain this chemical reaction.

How it Works

Firstly, the extensive ingredient list within the Part I formulation includes a key element with powerful decomposition properties. Part II of the Decon 7 system includes the main active ingredient 7.9% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) which has potent penetration and oxidation properties. It is when the two parts combine that the invisible antimicrobial barrier is created. The chemical reaction that occurs when the active ingredients of Part II combine with those of Part I is the key to Decon 7’s success. The power behind the cleaning system is created during the “dwell time” after application as the two parts combine and the ingredients react with each other to form a hardened surface barrier.

The Dwell Time

During the “dwell” time the two parts are capable of penetrating spore walls and destroying the mycotoxins or cytotoxins within the spore. This means Decon 7 is extremely effective when used in a fog application. The fog or mist is atomized to a minute molecules that hang in an air space long enough to degrade and destroy any airborne spore or surface mould spore or colony. The “dwell time” period of 8-12 hours following application proves deadly to fungal spores, bacteria and viruses. This “zone of inhibition” is what sets Decon 7 apart as an unrivalled cleaning system.

Safe and Effective

The composition of the resulting antimicrobial barrier is classified as “green” as the initial ingredients decompose during the chemical reaction. The residue left behind is classified as a “mined substance”. This barrier is non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe while providing extreme resistance to pathogenic microbes, mould and algae.

Applications of Decon 7

Decon 7’s formula and methodology allows treatment of substances never before thought possible: sheetrock paper, plastics, vinyl, or even air filtration material. The formulation creates a barrier that is resistant to microbial growth and is water insoluble. Treatment is suitable in residential or commercial settings of any scale; thousands of square feet can be treated with the use of fogging and spraying.

Tried and Tested Results

Four years of testing on sites including roofs, decks, siding have provided a documented history of Decon 7’s efficacy. Tests of remodel projects with moisture intrusions resulted in no recorded re-growth of mould or algae, an impressive record. No other product on the market can claim this level of performance alongside such high standards of safety.

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