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The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up problems in all walks of life – we’ve all had to change the way we think, the way we take care of ourselves and the way we work. It’s become more obvious than ever that cleanliness can save lives.

This well-established performing arts school is no different. With 3 different sites, which incorporated multiple reception areas, studios, theatres, classrooms, common rooms not to mention accommodation for local and international students, they were naturally very keen to ensure that their staff and students were kept safe.

To give you an idea of the scale of the school, one of the sites could hold up to 250 students, while another had over 28 boarding rooms – a lot of people around a large area. With an area this big, cleaning can become difficult to maintain.

While cleanliness has always been an important aspect of their day-to-day business, it was decided that they needed a full decontamination, with a particular focus on reducing the bacterial count across the sites. The health and wellbeing of their staff and students will always be a top priority for them, but in the current climate, it seemed more important than ever.

So they called Ideal Response and were immediately passed over to the key accounts team to make sure they got the correct attention for a job of this scale. While COVID-19 is a relatively new virus, we have a team that has 20 years of experience in decontamination.

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The Ideal Solution

Our teams can be onsite to begin contamination within 2 hours of being called, but as there was no urgent need in this case, a more structured response was taken.

A site visit was carried out in order to judge the severity of the problem – when our team completed the ATP test (adenosine triphosphate – micro-organisms), they found readings of 2748 RLU. To put that in context, in order to be safe for food preparation, surfaces must be under 50 RLU.

The cleaning and decontamination began.

Electrostatic sprayers were used to distribute a chemical cleaning agent – this would allow up to six months protection against viral/bacteria construction. All key touch points, and high traffic areas, within the buildings were wiped down manually to ensure full protection and a thorough clean. This included door handles, railings, switches, even coffee machines and printers – anything that may come into contact with the staff or students.

As with any work we carry out with chemicals, our team took the necessary care to ensure all the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was worn, and all measures were taken to avoid contamination migration. The technicians wore full-face masks which require a formal face-fit test to certify that the seal is made between the technician’s face and the mask with the proper filters applied.

The deep clean was rolled out to every single room across the three sites. Bedrooms, bathrooms, office, studios, classrooms, dormitories – and on top of this there was also an in-house theatre, big enough for 200 guests, with pull out seating that was included in the decontamination. To halt the spread of viruses, every area needs to be taken care of.

Dance school decontamination

The Result

Between the expertise and our technicians and our industry leading technology, we are capable of delivering almost unrivalled results when it comes to decontamination. We are able to decontaminate up to a log kill 6 – which equates to being 99.9999% decontaminated. To put that into perspective some of the best off-the-shelf cleaning agents decontaminate to log kill 3, or 99.9%.

For the performing arts school, over a period of 5 days, and with a team of 4-5 people, we completed the decontamination & cleaning process. We only know that we have done a good job after more testing, and upon completing the ATP test again, the readings were down to between 0-50 RLU.

After we had completed the full clean, we provided the school with a certificate which is displayed in their main reception now, assuring teachers, students and anyone entering the building it is clean and Covid secure. We can do this for any home or business once we have carried out a successful decontamination.

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We recommended that, due to the high number of students that were staying at the school, a decontamination should be carried out quarterly. They weren’t sure, but when we returned 3 months later for some more ATP testing, while some readings were still below 200 RLU, the reading was getting close to 800 RLU on some frequently used surfaces.

They were in a much better situation than when we first visited, but it was clear that their daily cleaning regime wasn’t quite working, so we provided them with a very detailed checklist of everything we recommend to keep those readings low and their staff and students safe. We also agreed to go back every 6 months to complete a full decontamination over the three separate sites.

Most pleasingly, the school has informed us that since our initial clean, they have had no reports of a positive Covid case. Ultimately, a service like this is all about protecting the wellbeing of the people using the site, so we were delighted to hear such positive news from them. Our dance school decontamination was a success.

If you are interested in our decontamination services, whether it is a home or business property, you can get in touch for a free, no obligation quote here.

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