Factory Cleaning in Eastbourne

The Brief

We received an enquiry from the Facilities Manager at Aspect Metalcraft, requesting a professional clean of their factory in Eastbourne.

The factory was used for metalworks and over the years had experienced a build up of dirt, grime and grease stains on the concrete floor, ceiling cladding and brick walls. This is something we see regularly with high-activity industrial units.

In order to provide an accurate quote, we offered a free site survey service to the client. Conducting a site survey allowed our team to gather dimensions, images and additional information of the factory to accurately quote for the industrial clean.

The Objective

Aspect Metalcraft were in the process of vacating their factory in Eastbourne and wanted to have a commercial clean to restore the factory to a reasonable state before handing it over. For our client, this meant that they required a complete stripout of existing fittings and fixtures and to conduct a professional clean so that the factory could be decorated.

Scope of Works Summary

  • Complete clean of the factory internally.
  • The ceiling and wall cladding are a water resistant plasterboard, with years of grime and dirt bonded to it, consistent with that of a busy factory.
  • The block walls are painted, however they are currently covered with dust from fabrication work and require a clean before they can be decorated.
  • The floor is a concrete slab that has years of dirt, grease and grime, this will require a general clean with floor cleaning equipment. Waste water will need to be contained and removed.

A stripout of existing fittings and fixtures was carried out prior to our technicians commencing with the clean.

The Technical Part

Three technicians were deployed for this job (one senior and two junior technicians). Two DOFF Systems were used to take care of removing the build up of dirt and grime.

The DOFF system is a steam based cleaning method. It provides our technicians with the ability to control the temperature of the high pressured water being used on a surface. This is incredibly useful when removing different types of paint.

However, using the DOFF system creates a buildup of waste water, which has to be removed.

To remove the waste water, our technicians used Numatic WVD1800DH wet vacs. The water waste from the wet vacs was automatically transferred to an IBC tank, so that we could safely remove the waste upon completion of the job.

The Results

The scope of work was completed in 5 days. The factory was restored to a condition that was ready for the decorators to commence work and for the client to be a step closer to vacating the factory.

If you are responsible for a factory or warehouse and require a free estimate for an industrial clean, you can call us on 01622 926 505 or complete the enquiry form below.

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