Fire Damage Cleanup and Odour Removal Case Study


Our client is the owner of a 3000 square foot unit that had suffered soot and smoke damage throughout after a fire in the neighbouring unit. The insurance company who were involved were being slow in dealing with the case and our client was suffering from a loss in productivity as the store was forced to close. Our client chose Ideal Response to provide the fire damage cleaning services because of their ability to provide fire damage restoration during the weekend. Ideal Response could restore the business to a safe and fully functional operation as quickly as possible.

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Our Briefing

Soot and smoke damage from the neighbouring fire had forced the store to close, this was having a significant impact on the business. Soot and smoke damage had affected the entire unit including fixtures and fittings and was in less visible places. Our brief was to decontaminate the environment by removing all traces of soot and smoke, thoroughly de-grease and complete the fire damage cleanup process with a treatment to remove all odour caused by the fire damage.

The Technical Part

Soot is acidic and corrosive, it damages substances it contacts and is hazardous to health. Fire in the neighbouring unit had caused deposition of particulate matter throughout the unit. Walls, floors and ceilings as well as fixtures and fittings were coated with soot which would be causing damage to all surfaces. HEPA rated air scrubbing machines were installed to remove all particulate matter from the air leaving it purified. All surfaces were scrubbed and degreased, fixtures and fittings were also thoroughly cleaned to remove all soot. The procedure was completed with BioSweep ® treatment (BS900), a five-stage photocatalytic process to completely remove all malodours. Ideal Response provided a 100% odour removal guarantee certificate for our client.

Client Review

Ideal Response’s client described our technicians, “Efficient, safe conscious, very friendly”, the client also praised the “good communication” throughout the process.

“Everyone was very friendly and efficient, kept us up to date and very professional and generally very helpful.”

If you are suffering the effects of fire damage call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 01622 926 505 for immediate assistance.

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