Damp Survey Dover

Accredited damp survey specialists in Dover and surrounding areas

Damp Survey Dover

  • Accredited damp survey specialists in Dover and surrounding areas
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Whether you’re an insurer, a business, a domestic customer or work within FM. Our damp survey in Dover can provide you an understanding of what the likely root cause of your damp and moisture issue is. Our team will also provide you with a solution that is designed to specifically solve your problem. Get complete peace of mind and let the experts conduct your damp inspection. Book your appointment today by either calling one of our experts, submitting a web form or via our live chat feature. Having an independent damp surveyor in Dover assess your situation as early as possible will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Expert Damp Surveyor in Dover

Ideal Response are able to provide you a comprehensive service. Our technicians are fully accredited BDMA & Dewpoint Professionals. Meaning they are experts on the matter of damp and are fully capable of providing you with a reliable damp survey in Dover. As well as providing you with a reliable damp survey, Ideal Response are capable -upon request- of providing you with services that can deal with the root cause of the damp.

All of the findings will be compiled into a detailed report provided to the customer by our specialist damp surveyor in Dover. The report includes moisture readings and mappings, identification of abnormal microbial growth areas, photographic evidence and more.

Preventing further damage

In order to prevent further damage to your property, it’s imperative that you determine the root cause as soon as possible through a professional damp report. As well as the scale of the damp and moisture issues you are experiencing. Failure to do so is likely to result in secondary damage and greater issues. If damp is left untreated it can spread and a major concern is it potentially causing structural damage to your property .

If the damp is allowed to spread to structural masonry or timber it could potentially lead to very serious structural issues in you property. In some extreme cases even catastrophic structural damage. Having a professional damp survey conducted can prevent further damage if done quickly. When the damp is first noticed you should seek expert advice from our damp surveyor in Dover.

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Damp survey next steps

Depending on the results of your independent damp survey in Dover, there are a few courses of action you can take. If the moisture survey indicates you do have a damp issue you may want to consider our drying services. Or alternatively if the moisture survey reveals you don’t have damp you may want to consider damp proofing your property. We offer a range of drying solutions. Each one designed to suit a particular job. Pressure drying is a much faster alternative to suction drying. Both methods will dry a damp surface. But suction drying does it in a way that limits the amount of dust and fibres pushed into the room. If the survey indicates you don’t have any damp issues then you wont require any related services.

We also provide services that could help with any secondary damage that may have been incurred due to your damp and moisture issues. The water damage cleanup service we provide includes the drying, stripping and disposal of damaged contents. As well as restoration of your property as close to its pre-incident state as possible.

Avoiding damp issues could see your property value drop up to 20%. The average price in Dover is £348,384. If you do have damp, that figure could fall to £278,707. Get peace of mind with our damp survey in Dover by calling us today.

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