Trauma Cleaning Basingstoke

Expert Trauma Cleaning service providers for Basingstoke & surrounding areas

Trauma Cleaning Basingstoke

  • Expert Trauma Cleaning service providers for Basingstoke & surrounding areas
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The Ideal Response trauma cleaning Basingstoke service will ensure that your property or effected area is returned to a safe and hygienic condition. After the decontamination and sanitisation process your property will be returned to as close to its pre-incident state as possible. We understand that trauma incidents are very stressful and painful for individuals to deal with, which is why we ensure our trauma cleaning Basingstoke service is the best in your local area. The service will be conducted professionally and with only the best equipment available, ensuring you receive the most efficient and quality service in Basingstoke.

Types of trauma cleaning we provide in Basingstoke:

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Expert Trauma Cleaning Basingstoke

Bodily fluids are extremely hazardous and pose very serious health risks to those who come into contact with them. Ideal Response technicians are highly trained and National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners (N.A.C.S.C) qualified. Our expert technicians are fully qualified and equipped with the technology needed to complete the trauma cleaning service in Basingstoke.

A common misconception is that once the bodily fluid has been removed, the surface is clean. However, in reality the danger still remains until the area has been effectively disinfected and sanitised. Without decontamination and sanitisation it is very likely that the bloodborne pathogens, viruses and bacteria will still be present on a surface even after the bodily fluids have been cleaned away.

Hiring a trauma cleaning Basingstoke service quickly will mitigate the risk of any adverse health effects due to exposure. No matter the severity or extent of the trauma incident, we highly recommend that you look to hire a professional trauma cleaning service as soon as possible in order to avoid cross contamination and any health effects that come as a result of exposure.

What we can remove

As licensed upper-tier waste carriers we are fully qualified and capable of safely removing and disposing of waste. Upon request we can also provide waste transfer notes to the customer, these are evidence that the waste has been disposed of correctly. We understand that trauma incidents can happen anywhere and on any type of service. With our waste carrying license we can remove and dispose of:

  • Beds/Mattresses
  • Rugs/Mats
  • Carpets
  • Wooden Flooring

Our technicians will handle the stripping and disposal of contaminated contents in your property as part of our trauma cleaning service. It’s important that you hire an expert to complete the trauma cleaning service for your property in Basingstoke because contaminated contents must be disposed of correctly. They cannot be disposed of using traditional means because of the potentially hazardous nature of the waste. For this reason it is best to leave it to the experts that have access to the necessary means of disposal.

Disposing of the hazardous materials correctly will not only protect you from the potential health effects but also protect other people that may have come into contact with the item.

Personalised Trauma Cleaning Service

As part of our trauma cleaning Basingstoke service our technicians will conduct and post service Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing in order to validate the results of the work. ATP testing uses relative light units to measure the number of bacteria on a surface. By doing the testing both before and after the service is complete will show you the dramatic difference in bacteria count once our experts have finished decontaminating and sanitising the area. The bacteria count will determine whether the surface can be considered clean or not.

Trauma incidents can be very emotionally challenging and difficult. Naturally we understand that you may not want neighbours or anyone else to know about the incident. For that reason reason our technicians can perform the trauma cleaning service discreetly. As part of our vehicle fleet we have a number of unbranded (white) vans that allow our experts to arrive and leave the scene without alerting anyone to the nature of the service being provided.

We understand that every property and job requires a unique approach. Upon arrival our technicians will assess the property and begin to take precautions to ensure the safety of the property and prevent any cross contamination.

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Additional Services

Because of the nature of trauma incidents it is very common for after effects to occur. Once of the major lingering effects of a trauma incident is a foul odour. Especially with undiscovered deaths and decomposition it is extremely likely that the smell will remain long after the trauma cleaning service has been performed. Using the patented BioSweep odour removal technology we can completely neutralise any foul smells that may be present in your property. Along with odour neutralisation, the BioSweep technology will remove any harmful bacteria from the air, completely eliminating bacteria, viruses, pathogens etc.

Ideal Response are an accredited trauma cleaning service provider located in the heart of Basingstoke and available to all customers 24/7.

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