About Us

Why We Exist

At the heart of our journey lies a steadfast commitment to serving those caught in the aftermath of unforeseen calamities. As a business owner in the UK, leading a fire and flood damage repair and environmental cleanup company, I’ve witnessed first-hand the resilience of the human spirit amidst adversity. Our mission transcends the restoration of properties; it’s about rekindling hope and rebuilding lives.

In a world increasingly vulnerable to the whims of nature and the unintended consequences of human actions, the importance of readiness, response, and restoration cannot be overstated. It’s not just about repairing what’s been lost but safeguarding the dignity, health, and well-being of the millions affected by such events.

Our “why” is rooted in a profound desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of over a million people who have faced, or will face, the turmoil of environmental disasters. This vision isn’t just a numerical goal—it’s a promise of resilience, a beacon of recovery, and a commitment to the communities we serve. Through our expertise, dedication, and compassion, we aim to provide not just a service, but a lifeline during the most challenging times.

As we forge ahead, our company is more than a business; it’s a movement towards a safer, more resilient world. By focusing on the immediate needs and the long-term recovery of those we help, we’re not just repairing damages; we’re helping rebuild futures. This is why we rise every morning, and this is why we push the boundaries of what’s possible in environmental cleanup and disaster recovery services. Together, we’re not just restoring properties; we’re restoring hope.

Who we are

We’re emergency response specialists, providing property clean-up, repair and restoration services to properties damaged by fire damage, flooding, sewage, trauma and other unexpected disasters.

From our humble beginnings as a domestic cleaning company, we’ve grown to become one of the UK’s largest contractors in emergency response, disaster recovery, environmental management and property repair and cleaning.

Ideal Response worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic supporting schools, businesses, and domestic customers all over the country with their coronavirus decontamination requirements. We have helped hundreds of customers and we continue to be the UK’s largest private owned fire and flood damage specialists.


From 2014 up until the end of 2016, we provided a 2 year defect maintenance period contract which consisted of attending to any major or minor defects within the athletes village whilst tenants were moving in and apartments were still being sold, we provided these works on behalf of the department of culture, media and sports (DCMS).


Once we had completed the remediation and the Biosweep decontamination, the retrofit contract began which consisted of repurposing the apartments and adapting them to be sold privately or to be given back to social housing as part of the agreement between the Olympic delivery authority (ODA) and the British government, the value of this contract was circa £15M and ended late September 2014.


Following the end of the Olympic games, we began water damage remediation and Biosweep decontamination on the apartments following a schedule of works that we had created flvia a survey of all of the athletes apartments. The value of this contract was £2.68M


Due the reputation and performance shown during the flood of the two blocks, Ideal Response were then given an enhanced FM contract where we provided a team of various trades including but not limited to; multiskilled workers, plumbers, electricians and fire and flood technicians, throughout the 10 weeks of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.


Ideal group began works on the 2012 Olympics, we were originally called to site due to an unexpected flood in two of the blocks of flats, we had to turn the apartments around and get a drying programme in place pretty much over the weekend, once we had rescued the project meaning the athletes were able to move in as planned.


Ideal Group embarks on an initiative to implement a unique quality management system which will secure our ability to offer efficient, quality-assured services to our growing portfolio of clients.


Ideal Group hits a major growth milestone, topping the £2 million turnover mark for the first time.


Ideal Group became heavily involved in the 2007 floods, working flat-out on rapid drying programmes in Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Sheffield, Hull and elsewhere, a task made possible by our investment in advanced drying technology. Projects included the recovery of major retailers at the Meadowhall Shopping Centre (where the river had diverted through the shopping centre) and the rapid drying of fifteen buildings at the Sydney Smith School in Kingston-Upon-Hull in time for the end of the summer holidays.


Ideal Group take the lead in the adoption of new rapid-drying technology as it is introduced to the UK, successfully deploying the equipment on projects in Carlisle, where over 3, 000 domestic and commercial properties had been affected by floods.


Ideal make the step up to larger contracts as a result of a firefighters strike. Our involvement in the restoration of Henlow Grange provided us with an opportunity to prove that we had what it took to deliver effective support in the face of a client’s extensive loss.


Ideal Group introduces emergency response services, along with restoration work, providing essential repairs to the Haymarket Theatre following a fire in the adjoining premises.


Ideal Group develops its services and enters the construction industry, securing a number of major projects on the basis of recommendations alone.


An enthusiastic young Ideal Group transforms from a domestic cleaning company to a retail contractor, securing work with Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Pizza Hut.