In a research study published this month in Science Daily, it was predicted that the incidence of floods occurring in urban settings will continue to rise. The research, carried out by Conrad Wasko and Professor Ashish Sharma, links climate change with a significant alteration in storm behaviour. These changes are reflected in the increased need for water damage restoration work seen by Ideal Response.

Dramatic changes in storms are increasing the frequency of floods across the world

Wasko and Sharma’s study highlights the dramatic changes within storms that are the cause of an increasing number of floods across the globe. The study, carried out by the University of New South Wales, analysed data from 1,300 rain gauges and 1,700 temperature stations. Findings show that climate change has caused far more frequent warmer storms. Moisture in the atmosphere is far more concentrated at the storm’s centre in warmer storms than in cooler ones. The research links climate change with the change in intensity of storms causing a “narrower band of more intense downpours”. Wasko explains,

“They are becoming more concentrated over a smaller area, and the rainfall is coming down more plentifully and with more intensity over a shorter period of time. When the storm shrinks to that extent, you have a huge amount of rain coming down over a smaller area.”


In towns and cities the older storm-water infrastructure is unable to cope with the sudden, intense deluge of water resulting in businesses, organisations and individuals now experiencing much more frequent and devastating water damage.

Ideal Response keeps a watchful eye on research of this kind to enable them to prepare to deal with the increased number of calls from businesses and organisations who have suffered the consequences of water damage. Javid Ibrahim, Founder & Director of Ideal Response has observed that since the company began in 2001 he has seen a dramatic increase in the number of incidents of flood in businesses throughout the country. Javid mentioned,

“You only have to look at the news to see how devastating water damage can be and how frequently it is happening. We have helped so many people and businesses with our water damage restoration service. We see first-hand the stress and devastation water damage can cause, it is important to us to make the damage restoration process as quick, thorough and stress-free as possible.”


Water damage to properties needs professional water damage restoration treatment to avoid further deterioration, to minimise the damage caused by the flood and to prevent further deterioration. The clean-up from clean, grey and black flood water damage requires highly trained technicians, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and drying technology as well as experience. Once the building is thoroughly dried using rapid drying equipment it needs to be cleaned to the highest standards.

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Industry best practices

Water damage restoration work undertaken by Ideal Response exceeds the industry best practice standards defined by British Standard PAS 64 professional water damage mitigation and initial restoration of properties guidelines. All water damage restoration needs to be achieved in a rapid time frame to enable businesses to return to full operation keeping losses to a minimum. Ideal Response conducts comprehensive hygiene testing, thermal monitoring and environmental data logging to ensure there will be no further deterioration of the property. The water damage restoration process is completed with the issue of full documentation to validate the drying and cleaning process.

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