Mould damage can cause invisible and dangerous problems. It harms both your health and your property. Dealing with it on your own can leave mould removal incomplete, and cause mould regrowth.

To see why we need a professional mould removal service, we need to talk about how it causes problems.

The Danger of Mould: A Two-Part Problem

The real danger of mould comes from prolonged exposure. Or, if you have a pre-existing health issue. Mould can immediately harm people with respiratory issues, allergies, and similar health concerns. Even for those without existing health issues, mould can cause other health problems.

So, it’s important to hire a mould removal service provider like Ideal Response as soon as you see signs of mould. Signs that mould exposure has had an effect include:

  • Headaches
  • Respiratory issues
  • Skin rashes
  • Allergic reactions
  • Mould-induced asthma

It’s clear how mould poses big risks to your health. It also threatens your property. Mould is a living organism that requires a food source to grow. This often is the surface in which the mould grows. The mould will “eat” away at the surface. Over time, the mould will weaken and damage this material. If the surface is a part of your building’s structure, this can cause expensive and catastrophic damage. Certain species of mould use cellulose materials as their food source. This includes wood and paper.

What is Professional Mould Treatment?

Cleaning mould and removing mould are two very different things. A professional mould and mildew remover can remove all traces of mould. They use a depth of knowledge and a range of professional standard equipment and chemicals. This is the difference maker. A professional service provider like Ideal Response comes with industry knowledge and experience. This is crucial, because this enables us to kill the mould and prevent it from coming back.

A DIY attempt, while it can clean away surface mould, often leaves behind the spores and roots. The remaining spores and roots make mould reappear and spread throughout your property.

Our Three-Phase Approach at Ideal Response

  1. The Ideal Response mould treatment service starts with removal. We eliminate as much of the surface mould and airborne spores as possible, using a HEPA vacuum. HEPA filter technology captures the smallest microscopic particles. Airborne spores pass through a traditional vacuum filter easily. This means that, without HEPA, they can re-enter the airspace of your property. Mould spores will not only remain: they can also spread to other rooms and spaces in your property. Often, mould growth occurs in rooms that were previously mould-free, for this reason.
  1. Next, professionals use the best mould removers. We use them to wipe down contaminated surfaces. At Ideal Response, we use a range of fungicidal solutions. Each of these can penetrate the substrate and kill the mould at the root level. These solutions also create a barrier on the newly-cleaned surface. This protects it from mould spores for as long as it remains active.
  1. Finally, when cleaning mould it is important to ensure that no spores remain. Ideal Response covers this with ULV foggers in the final stage of the clean. The ULV fogger disperses a broad-spectrum solution that disinfects all surfaces. This doubles as an effective mould killer. It will kill any remaining mould spores both in the air and on surfaces. It also removes 100% of the lingering mould odours within the treated area. We run surface tests after this step. This creates documented proof of what we’ve done and the resulting hygiene levels.

The Dangers of Not Hiring a Professional Mould Service

DIY solutions do exist for mould removal. However, we don’t encourage this. Aside from often being ineffective, this can actually worsen the situation. The root cause of mould proliferation is excessive moisture inside your property. The danger is three-fold:

  1. Often, DIY cleaning attempts end up adding more moisture. Common household cleaning chemicals are often used during DIY cleaning attempts. These include bleach and chlorine, both of which have a high amount of water. When you use these on mould, the water in the solutions further saturates the surface.
  1. Another danger is the spread of mould spores. Cleaning surfaces releases mould spores into the air. There, they can easily spread throughout your property. State-of-the-art HEPA filter/vacuum technology is also key here. You need this specialised equipment to capture airborne mould spores. They are invisible, and easily pass through traditional filters/vacuums. Trying to catch them, you may spread them into areas the spores wouldn’t have reached in the first place.
  1. Finally, and most importantly, you will be exposing yourself to mould. Professionals like ideal Response are well equipped with PPE – Personal Protection Equipment. These kits keep our technicians safe throughout the mould removal process.

Eliminate the risk of recurring mould and ill health today. Simply hire a professional treatment provider like Ideal Response. If required, we can be on-site the same day you make the request. Call us whether you need advice or immediate help. Either way, our specialists can help you out.

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