Flooding often makes people panic and make rash decisions that end up causing more harm than good. Instead, if you have an idea of what to do when disaster strikes, you can help prevent the risks of secondary damage. Additionally, this will also help you reduce the time it takes to return your property to its pre-flood condition.

Determine the Severity of the Flood

As soon as you can, given the situation developing around you, it is crucial that you determine the severity of the flood as soon as possible. Knowing this not only helps you give flood cleanup experts valuable information but also help you protect the health and safety of all the inhabitants within your property.

Usually, three types of flood water can enter your property. Knowing which one you’re dealing with helps decide how you deal with the resulting damage. The 3 types of water are:

  • White Water – This is clean clear water that is safe to handle. It comes from water pipes that supply clean water to your taps, showers, etc.
  • Grey Water – Aptly named, grey water is grey in colour and cloudy. It is potentially harmful as it carries harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This is usually wastewater from kitchen appliances, showers, and sinks. Avoid handling this water. It is wiser to leave the flood cleanup to professionals in such a situation.
  • Black Water – By far the most dangerous type of flood water, black water is full of raw sewage. Avoid contact with it at all costs. Raw sewage is teeming with extremely harmful microorganisms that can lead to very severe health issues. If your property is flooded with black water, you absolutely must seek the help of a flood damage cleanup expert immediately.

Contacting a Flood Damage Cleanup Expert

As a victim of any kind of flooding, the first step you need to take is to immediately seek the help of a professional flood damage cleanup company – such as Ideal Response. Cleaning up after a flood can be a complicated matter, especially when grey or black water is involved. Without expert knowhow and the relevant technology and tools, the situation is often unsalvageable without professional help.

Our water flood damage experts are available 24/7, and can initiate the flood damage cleanup service the moment you book it.

You can help speed up the team’s preparation by sharing detailed high-quality images to accurately show the extent of the flood damage at your property. With those images and some information, the experts at Ideal Response can give you an estimated cost. Once you approve it, you can have a team of experts on-site on the very same day.

Protecting Against the Hazards of Flood Damage

Flood water comes with many dangers, both to your property and to the health of any of its inhabitants. It is often full of bacteria and viruses that can cause great harm to your health.

There is also the possibility of the water mixing with overflowing sewage water. If that happens, the situation gets even riskier. For this reason, it is important that you prioritise the health and safety of anyone at risk.

Without suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), we strongly advise that you avoid the flood water. Even if the water has receded, the dangers often remain. Any surfaces the water has touched will now be contaminated. Without PPE kits on hand, you should avoid these areas by moving to an unaffected area or a different property altogether.

Preventing Further Damage

Practically speaking, locating the stopcock and circuit breaker for your property is a vital first step in preventing any further damage to your property. Turning off the stopcock cuts off the flow of water into your property: if the flood was the result of a burst pipe or leak, this will prevent it from getting worse.

The circuit breaker on your property lets you cut off the inflow of electricity. Although this may not prevent the flood from getting worse, it will prevent any electricity-related hazards.

If the flood water is high enough that it can reach electrical sockets, or if it starts saturating walls and floors, there is an added risk: damp and saturated surfaces could cause issues with electrical wiring, such as:

  • Prolonged Power Outages
  • Electrical Fires
  • Electrocution

Taking action quickly is crucial after an escape of water. Whether it’s figuring out how bad the flood is, getting experts to help clean up, or keeping safe from potential dangers, every step matters. Remember, time is key. Quick action and well-informed decisions not only stop more damage from flood water but also ensure the health and safety of everyone impacted.

Once you’ve made sure you’re safe, reach out to the professionals. We’re available 24/7 to take care of your flood damage, ensuring safety and working to restore your property to it’s pre-damaged state. 

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