East London – Mould Remediation

The Challenge

The property located in East London had suffered extensive water damage over a prolonged period and subsequently mould growth. This came because of the property being uninhabited for around 4 weeks. During this time there was an escape of water in the bathroom of the property. The escape of water had directly impacted the property, as well as causing further secondary damage throughout the property. The secondary damage predominantly came in the form of proliferated microbial growth. The customer hadn’t taken any action in terms of mould removal in the East London property prior to initially contacting us. The situation felt so overwhelming, they didn’t know where to start.

This secondary damage, in the form of microbial growth, posed another challenge to our team. The presence of the microbial (mould) growth makes the property dangerous for anyone entering without PPE. In addition to the presence of mould spores in the building, the water damage had also damaged the structure of the property.

This resulted in part of the ceiling of the first-floor entrance hallway collapsing. The escape of water had left walls, floor coverings and sub-floors with heightened moisture or mould growth. Part of our challenge was to identify what needed to be stripped out and removed. As well as what could remain in the property and be restored.

Collapsed Roof Mould Remediation

No measures had been taken to mitigate the issues in the property prior to our team arriving on site. No windows or doors had been opened to create airflow and as a result the contamination levels in the property were extraordinarily high. An extensive mould remediation service would be required to solve the secondary damage the property was facing.

The Ideal Solution – Expert Mould Removal Service

Collapsed Ceiling and Mould Growth

The escape of water had caused significant damage to areas in the property. The moisture had also led to mould growth throughout. To begin the cleaning process our team first set to work stripping out and removing anything in the property that was beyond repair. The debris from the collapsed ceiling as well other damaged items were disposed of before the mould removal process began.

The mould growth had spread extensively throughout the property due to the high moisture levels in the air and surfaces. HEPA Vacuum technology was used to trap mould spores, eliminating the chance of any surface spores entering the air. All affected areas were subsequently treated with a broad-spectrum biocide solution. A specialist chemical that targets and eradicates the mould spores and allows for a safe and in depth manual clean. 

Our technicians used Decon 7 cleaning chemicals to physical wash down the walls and remove all surface mould.  The Decon 7 not only decontaminates the surface but also penetrates the surface, killing the mould growth out the root. Once the physical wash down was complete ULV Foggers were used to sanitise the air and surfaces to ensure no mould spores were left in the property. The use of the ULV foggers also succeeds with damp odour removal.

Mould Proliferation Throughout the Property

ULV fogging releases a fine mist of the antimicrobial/broad spectrum biocide into the air, targeting any non-visible, airborne mould spores that if not eradicated, could have return to hard surfaces, and allow for a future ingress of mould.

Equipment used during the East London Mould Removal Service:

  • HEPA Vacuum
  • Decon 7
  • Corroventa K5
  • ULV Foggers
  • PPE
  • Corroventa Drying Technology

The Result

The mould removal was completed, and the property was successfully decontaminated, dried, and prepared for re-instatement. The four-stage mould remediation program we used succeeded in fully removing all traces of mould growth in the property. Alongside the surfaces being cleaned and sanitised, any spores in the air were also removed and the air was left sanitised and the property safe for habitation once again.

Moisture Reading Mould Removal Service

The property was also successfully dried using our Corroventa K5 and other Corroventa drying equipment. Our team of experts were able to achieve the industry standard drying level throughout the property, ensuring it was at a safe moisture level.

The moisture levels of the air and previously affected surfaces was measured to determine that the property had been dried to a safe standard. UKAS accredited air and surface sampling was also done to ensure that the property now met low threshold values and was safe for re-instatement and habitation.

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