The effects of secondary damage caused by fires is noticed quickly. Within hours, wooden furniture can be damaged to the point of needing refinishing, paint and fiberglass begin to yellow, metal starts to corrode, pit and rust, and clothing can start to stain.

Quick action is crucial to minimise secondary damage and avoid costs from quickly spiralling out of control.

But fire damage cleaning isn’t a simple process. It can involve the strip out of fire damaged building materials such as dry lining and plasterboard, the safe and correct disposal of hazardous waste and the uplifting and removal of carpet and upholstery before the cleaning process even begins.

For the untrained eye, it’s easy to overlook whether soot, smoke or ash has entered the smallest of places, such as HVAC ducts and vents, behind light switches, and whether it’s become trapped within plasterboard and other materials.

But this is where hiring a professional fire damage cleaning company comes into its own.

Without adequate and thorough cleaning, these acidic particles can continue to cause secondary damage and pose health risks to those who enter the premises – sometimes, for years after the fire. And with ash and soot being carcinogenic, is it really a risk you want to take?

To complement our fire damage clean-up service, we also offer full fire restoration services and odour neutralisation.

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