Our Fire Damage Cleanup Process

Our process begins with the moment you first reach out and speak to one of our fire damage cleanup experts. We recommend that you do so as soon as possible in order to mitigate the possibility of secondary damage. When you contact us for our fire clean up services you will be asked to provide our experts with a few details. A description of the damage, the size of the area and the location of the property are a few of the key pieces of information required. Once an estimate has been agreed upon a date for the fire damage cleanup to take place will be set.

Upon arrival our fire damage cleaners will assess the situation and determine the best course of action for the fire damage cleanup. Any items of furniture that cannot be restored will be removed from the property. Subsequently, once removed they will be disposed of in the most environmentally responsible way possible. As licensed upper-tier waste carriers we are fully licensed and capable of handling and disposing of all forms of waste.

Fire Damage Cleaning You Can Trust

Once the property is cleared of debris and materials we will begin to clean the property of ash, soot, and smoke damage. All surfaces will be attentively cleaned using a combination of industry leading cleaning chemicals and equipment. This ensures that we remove soot from walls and surfaces, leaving nothing behind. Our fire damage cleaners will check and clean every possible area in order to guarantee that the property is left completely clean and safe. We use HEPA-filter technology to ensure no particles re-enter the air in the property during the smoke damage cleaning process.

Why You Need to Hire Professional Fire Damage Cleaners

Without the expert knowledge and equipment to perform a fire damage cleanup it can be very difficult and almost impossible to fully remove all traces of the fire. Ash and soot deposits may be in places that you wouldn’t even consider looking. Disposing of affected materials can be difficult without the access that professionals have.

Dangers of Soot and Ash

If even a small amount of soot or ash is left in your property it can lead to potentially very serious secondary damage. As they are both corrosive in nature, they will eat away at any surface they are on. Over a long period of time this could lead to a weekend structure or surface. The effects of secondary damage caused by fires is noticed quickly. Within hours, wooden furniture can be damaged to the point of needing refinishing. Paint and fiberglass begin to yellow, metal starts to corrode, pit and rust, and clothing can start to stain. Quick action is crucial to minimise secondary damage and avoid additional costs.

Another form of secondary damage is the frequent release of unpleasant odours back into the air. If the fire damage cleanup process isn’t done correctly and all particles are not correctly removed, it is possible and likely that they will continue to have an effect on the property. The particles in smoke will get trapped in porous materials and release back into the air. Unpleasant smoke odours can be so overwhelming they can render a property uninhabitable.

Our Additional Services