Mercury Cleanup & Disposal Decontamination of areas affected by mercury and safe waste disposal.

Mercury Cleanup & Disposal

  • Decontamination of areas affected by mercury and safe waste disposal.
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Mercury is a toxic substance known to be used in many everyday implements such as thermometers, barometers and manometers. Due to the recognised dangers, many of these items have been replaced with less dangerous alternatives.

Inhalation of Mercury vapours following a spill are a major risk due to the high level of absorption that is likely to occur when the Mercury gas is inhaled. Exposure through skin is also a high risk, especially if the individual at risk has cuts or abrasions that may come into contact with the Mercury.

Large mercury spills come with the added risk that their effects may last for a significant period following the spill if decontamination is not executed correctly. Exposure to increased levels of mercury vapour may cause lung damage, nausea, vomiting and more.

Decontamination of an area affected by a mercury spill is complicated by the tendency of the substance to break down into small “balls” that are virtually impossible to collect if the correct equipment is not used. The use of a vacuum cleaner (although tempting) is strictly out of bounds due to the fact that it may broadcast mercury vapours into the atmosphere of the area being decontaminated.

To further complicate the matter, it is difficult if not impossible to remove spilt mercury from porous materials such as clothing, carpets, dry walling, raw or natural wood and materials used to upholster furniture for example. This makes the safe removal and compliant disposal of materials affected in this way an important part of the decontamination process.

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