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The first impressions of your high streets and footpaths matter. Whether it’s a failing high street or residential area that’s starting to deteriorate, a deep clean of pedestrian areas can have a significant impact on local businesses and the community.

Not only do clean streets promote community pride, but they act as a deterrent for other antisocial behaviours. For example, you have probably noticed that as soon as one bit of graffiti or chewing gum appears, it doesn’t take long for more to appear after.

Bird droppings, staining, general dirt and grime, along with algae build up not only make an eyesore, but they can also reduce the slip resistance of your paving, putting the public at risks of slips and falls. Algae and lichen can also damage natural stone, reducing their life expectancy. Our comprehensive street cleaning service is designed to deal with all of these possible issues.

For deep cleaning of your footpaths and highways, the health and safety of users and the public should be the first priority. That’s why at Ideal Response, health and safety is at the heart of everything we do. With the correct equipment and experience of organising path and road closures and cordons, we can work around the clock to complete work while keeping the public safe.

Our inventory of industry leading cleaning equipment used skilfully by our experienced team of experts, ensures that all types of litter and debris are removed safely. As well as safe, it will also be completed quickly and efficiently. Without any damage to the substrate.

For more information on our street cleaning services, which includes emergency, periodic and one-off cleans, contact us today.

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