Secondary damage can manifest as aesthetic problems such as discoloration or as serious issues such as structural damage to the property itself. Our fire damage cleanup and fire damage restoration services start with a full risk assessment and survey of the property. Based on a detailed scope of works, remediation and restoration work can be completed.

Fire Damage Repair Experts

Our expertise allows us to identify and quickly implement the safest and most efficient techniques for the removal of fire damage residue and synthetic contamination from your property. This damage is caused by the particles contained within smoke. Our service effectively neutralises fire and smoke related odours.

Waste produced by the fire is removed as part of the fire damage repairs service and correctly disposed of. Waste such as charred or burned materials and structures that are beyond restoration will be safely removed from the property and disposed of in the correct means.

It is vital that you look to hire a professional for fire restoration services like Ideal Response. As a professional fire damage restoration company, we have the expertise to complete the restoration, as well as access to the required places to complete the job. Furthermore, we have access to the correct disposal methods, which only legitimate businesses are granted. In addition we also have access to the best equipment which delivers unrivalled results.

Our Fire Restoration Service

The Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration process begins the moment you contact one of our experts. First, we collect the relevant information about the job. Then we provide you with an estimate. Our estimate is determined by a few factors you provide. The extent of the damage, the size of the area being serviced, and the location of the property will play a factor in the initial estimate our experts will provide you. Once agreed upon, a date will be set for your fire restoration services.

Licensed Upper-Tier Waste Carriers

Fire restoration is a multifaceted service that requires expert knowledge and tools in order to perform correctly. The first step of the fire damage repair, is to assess the situation and determine what can be restored and what is beyond repair. We will remove and correctly disposed of items damaged beyond repair. As part of our fire damage restoration services, we will dispose of these items in the correct manner. As licensed upper-tier waste carriers we are qualified to handle and dispose of anything. Even hazardous and dangerous materials.

Next, our fire damage restoration experts will begin the clean. We have a range of industry leading chemicals and state-of-the-art technology at our disposal. This enables our technicians to deliver the best fire damage repair service possible. The walls of your property will be cleaned of any and all residue, all surfaces and items will also be cleaned. As a result, when this part of the clean is complete there will be no visible signs that a fire has taken place. However, there is still the issue of the lingering and unpleasant smoke odour. Rest assured; we are also more than equipped to deal with this through our fire smoke smell removal service.

Technology Used During the Fire Damage Restoration Process:

  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Alkaline Chemical Wash
  • Absorbent Soot Sponges

BIOSWEEP: Smoke Damage Restoration

Ideal Response are one of the few fire damage restoration companies that have access to the patented BIOSWEEP technology. This technology will not only remove 100% of the unpleasant smoke odour but will decontaminate the air and surfaces of the treated area. As a result there will be no signs of a fire taking place.

Why You Should Look to Hire Professional Service Provider

Fire damage repair isn’t a straightforward process, and depending on the type of fire, it can be very complex. Equipment and fire damage restoration chemicals aren’t a one size fits all solution for your fire damaged property. It is important that you seek the help of a professional fire restoration company immediately. This will help minimise the chances of secondary damage whilst ensuring that the correct cleaning method is used. There are a number of different types of fires, each of which requires a specific cleaning method for the fire damage restoration to be successful.

Our Additional Services