No matter the environment, whether domestic, commercial or a public space, a chemical spill can have far reaching consequences if not dealt with correctly and immediately.

All of our technicians carry full PPE to enable them to handle even the most hazardous substances and situations, irrespective of whether it’s an identifiable or unidentifiable chemical spill. In the event of an identifiable spill, the hazards are known and the risks can be effectively calculated with appropriate action being taken. With an unidentifiable spill, the risks are far greater. Our technicians will adopt full personal protection gear, including breathing apparatus, until the chemicals can be correctly identified and the handling methods and risks established.

Our industry leading methods and techniques to contain, neutralise and decontaminate the affected area will be utilised, getting you back to business as quickly and safely as possible.

As licensed waste carriers, we will safely and correctly dispose of any contaminated waste, leaving you with peace of mind that your environment is now safe to reinhabit.

We appreciate that a fast response is crucial when dealing with dangerous substances, which is why we offer a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service for chemical spills. Once we have received your call, we aim to be onsite within 2 hours to begin the cleanup process.

If you have experienced a chemical spillage of any kind, don’t delay; contact us now for a free quote.