Emergency Flood Water Damage Repair Services

Flooding of any scale, domestic, industrial or commercial will be handled by our team of certified technicians, and our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of any situation, so you’ll never pay more than you have to for unnecessary services. Whether it’s a commercial building devastated by river overflow or a simple bathroom flooded by a dripping tap, our focus is to get businesses back up and running and families back in their homes with our flood damage cleaning service.

We use the most advanced flood and water removal and rapid drying equipment along with eco-friendly steam cleaning technology to return a property to its former state, with no need for chemicals or disinfectants. All water damage cleanup work is fully documented to validate the professional drying process. And all work exceeds industry best practice as defined within the British Standard PAS 64 professional water damage mitigation and initial flood damage clean up of properties guidelines.

Once our flood water damage repair process is complete, we undertake hygiene testing, thermal monitoring and environmental data logging processes to ensure that there is no further risk of depreciation – we certainly don’t assume things are clean because they look clean, or dry because they look dry.

Danger and Health Risks After a Flood

Floods are potentially very dangerous and can lead to several health risks. These can be a direct result of the water damage or the resulting secondary damage. One major risk is electrocution. It isn’t uncommon for a flood to cause damage to buildings and power lines; this can lead to a live electric current being in the water, which is potentially deadly. This risk alone stresses the importance of quickly hiring a flood damage cleaning service.

Sewage Contamination

Another risk of flooding is sewage contamination. Heavy, extended periods of rain can often cause sewers to overflow which can cause an escape of sewage. Raw sewage is full of harmful bacteria and parasites which can cause serious illness to anyone that is exposed to it. Specialist sewage cleanup is vital if this occurs in your property as a result of a flood.

Flood water is full of bacteria and parasites, which will be left anywhere the flood water has been. Once the flood water resides or has been removed, those surfaces will be contaminated. Similarly, to sewage contaminated flood water, these surfaces will pose risks to the health of anyone that comes into contact.

Types of Flood Water

It is important to know the three types of water that you can experience during a flood. Knowing the three types of water will allow you to make an informed decision on how to proceed with the flood damage cleaning.

As flood damage cleaning and restoration specialists, we provide a range of services for an array of emergencies and problems. When a flood has occurred, unfortunately, it’s often the case that secondary damage will take place. If you seek professional help to repair the flood damage quickly, you may stop secondary damage from having the time to occur, saving yourself money and stress. If secondary damage has taken place after your emergency flood damage clean up, we offer our additional services upon request.