Electrostatic Sprayers

Using Electrostatics in the battle against Coronavirus (Covid-19)
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How do our electrostatic sprayers help in the battle against Coronavirus (covid-19)?

Our cleaning solutions which are deployed through the electrostatic sprayers create an inhospitable environment which makes it extremely difficult for viruses and bacterium to survive. The cleaning chemicals are environmentally friendly solutions, is fragrance and chlorine free and is non-corrosive.

The solution offers high levels of antimicrobial activity which means it will carry on working and is a persistent solution for a prolonged period of time after the initial application.

What is it and how does it work?  

Electrostatics are based on the science of positive and negative charges and the fact that the two will always attract one another, in the same way that two magnets that hold opposite ( – / + ) charges to one another, or the way that Protons (positively charged) are attracted to Electrons (negatively charged) and vice versa.

Based on these science fundamentals, and with the understanding that most internal surfaces either carry a neutral or negative charge, our electrostatic sprayers place a positive charge on the liquid before it enters and is ejected out of the nozzle. This means that the maximum amount of liquid is charged, ready for application.

The positively charged ‘cleaning mist’ is fired out of our backpack and handheld sprayers more than 300 times (or 70%) faster than conventional sprayers. They use 65% less cleaning solution when compared to a conventional sprayer meaning more efficient delivery and lower costs for customers.

The system achieves more than 150m2 of coverage per litre of solution used and, because of the electrostatic principles explained above, will achieve an all-round, 360º covering on treated surfaces.

Office decontamination
Office decontamination
Office decontamination services
Electrostatic Spray Disinfection
Office decontamination services
Office decontamination services

Is Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Right for My Business?

If your building contains rooms or areas that are sensitive to grime and germs, such as R&D facilities or clean rooms, then yes, electrostatic spray cleaning is the best option for cleaning all the surfaces and equipment in that room. Although electrostatic spray may sound like an aggressive method for regular commercial cleaning applications, the opposite is true.

The main features and benefits of electrostatic spray disinfection include:

Ideal Response Technology

As part of regular and ongoing investment into the latest equipment and technologies, Ideal Response boasts impressive coronavirus decontamination capabilities from patented electrostatic spraying technology to patented ozone cleaning technologies and pressurised vessels mounted on backpacks delivering virus and bacteria killing hygiene solutions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Electrostatic Sprayers