Mould Removal and Remediation Services


One of the biggest post-flood dangers to the health of a property and its inhabitants is mould growth. A flood in a domestic or commercial property grants mould ideal conditions in which to thrive, with the risk to human health being proportional to the exposure time experienced and the species and the density of airborne spores. Most properties have mould in some form or other – often hidden behind surface finishes, in voids and within stud partitions. Whether your mould infestation comes as the result of flooding or just general damp and moisture in your home, Ideal Response can help.

In some cases, before work can begin, a survey of the affected site must be carried out to determine the level of the infestation. Mould contamination is rated according to the size of the affected area:

  • Level 1 – contamination with a total surface area less than 1 square metre
  • Level 2 – contamination with a total surface area between 1 and 10 square metres
  • Level 3 – contamination with a total surface area greater than 10 square metres
  • Level 4 – contamination within a HVAC system

Though only operations involving remediation above Level 2 require a qualified and experienced indoor environmental hygienist, mould growth can very quickly get out of control in any building and a Level 2 contamination can rapidly turn into a Level 3. We can respond to mould remediation callouts within twenty-four hours, and with over ten years’ experience in dealing with both black and toxic mould damage, Ideal Response are the people to turn to should you discover an infestation.

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