Containment: Clearing Viruses Safely

Using Containment in the battle against Coronavirus (Covid-19)
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What are Ideal Response’ Containment Procedures?

Regardless of the severity of the viral contamination risk, Ideal Response have a basic set of safety and mitigation standards that are adhered to with the option of up-scaling the program if it is required. We conduct our viral containment procedures and services with the highest standard of equipment available. Electrostatic sprayers, PPE and various other pieces of decontamination technology ensure our teams safely deliver the highest standard of service.

Safety focused virus contamination service

As standard our technicians will be completely sealed into their type 5b / 6b coveralls before entering the treatment area. These are used because they offer unparalleled protection to our team during virus contamination procedures.

Gloves and specialist overshoes are used with, either, PAPR powered respiratory head tops or full-face masks with ABEK1 filters. These filters are important as they provide protection against organic and inorganic vapours from the air. Protecting our team from the environment they are working in. The safety of our cleaning teams are of the utmost importance and we ensure they are protected from all viral contaminants during the service.

Unlike some other coronavirus deep cleaning service providers, our technicians use specialist walk-through ‘baths’ which coat their overshoes in the same broad spectrum anti-microbial solution that is used to decontaminate the environment.

Further to these precautions our technicians will be sprayed all over when exiting the contaminated area to help reduce the risk of contamination migration to clean areas.

Situationally tailored viral containment

In some scenarios our technical team may determine that the scale of the viral contamination is significant. When this happens, it is not unusual for additional virus containment measures to be put in place. These are usually the set-up of a ‘clean room’ and the introduction of negative air pressure systems. The negative air pressure system is set up and used to cycle air through the affected area. This works by, firstly, tenting off the room with polyethene sheeting. Then fresh air will be ducted into the treatment area, being passed through HEPA rated air filtration systems. At the same time as this there will be units stationed inside the affected which pull air from within the tented area, passing them through another set of HEPA filters before venting into a clear, outdoor space. This process is known as an air change.

Ideal Response Technology

As part of regular and ongoing investment into the latest equipment and technologies, Ideal Response boasts impressive coronavirus decontamination capabilities. From patented electrostatic spraying technology to patented ozone cleaning technologies and pressurised vessels mounted on backpacks delivering virus and bacteria killing hygiene solutions.

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