Emergency Oil Spill Cleanup In Hertfordshire

The Brief

We received a phone call from a supply chain management and logistics company, requesting an emergency oil spill cleanup at one of their client’s premises. Their client was a well known fast food chain, located in Stevenage Hertfordshire. One of their vehicles had spilt Hydraulic oil across the entrance that led up to the restaurant, which had a direct impact on footfall (and subsequently sales) to the restaurant.

The client required a fast response, so our team was required to be onsite in a matter of hours, to contain the spill and mitigate any further damage. The car park that belonged to the restaurant was also affected and required urgent attention.

The Objective

Our team’s initial objective was clear:

  • Arrive on-site within the agreed emergency response window to ascertain the scale of the spill before implementing a remediation strategy. A risk assessment and method statement was also required to ensure the safety of our technicians and the general public during the containment and remediation process.
  • The second objective was to assist with mitigating any residual staining caused by the hydraulic oil spill.
  • The third objective was to remediate the oil spill and safely remove any contaminants, which resulted from the remediation methods used.
  • The final objective was to provide a report on completion of the work.

Ultimately, the client’s primary objective was to ensure that the restaurant could return to being fully accessible in the shortest possible time frame.

Scope of Works Summary

Step 1

Apply a biological enzyme and leave in situ as early as possible to allow for the bioremediation process to take effect over the course of the day. The biological enzyme that we used was in the form of granules.

Step 2

Make provisions for a hot wash to be used, once the biological enzyme had time to complete its objective.

Step 3

Safely remove and dispose of the waste and grannuels from the biological enzyme and hot wash. Ideal Response is a licenced waste carrier and can therefore dispose of hazardous chemicals in the appropriate, lawful way.

Step 4

A waste sign-off certificate and a record of the waste materials collected was provided upon completion for the client’s records.

The Results

Our client and the restaurant management were very impressed with the rapid response they received, and the time in which it took our team to complete the job. The restaurant was fully accessible again within 24 hours.

If you are dealing with an oil spillage or other hazardous substances, call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 01622 926 505  for immediate assistance.

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