At Ideal Response we work closely with insurance companies, businesses and domestic customers to help customers get back up and running after experiencing fire damage. We work tirelessly to ensure we make the fire damage cleanup and restoration process as painless as possible. We also try to inform and educate customers on prevention, tips and guides related to fire damage restoration smoke cleanup damage.

In this blog post, we wanted to create an infographic highlighting important fire and smoke damage related facts that some of our readers may or may not be aware of.

Fires can devastate lives and communities, we have first hand experience with speaking to the unfortunate victims. The clean-up and restoration process is obviously an important part of the recovery process but in some scenarios, such as arson, some may require physical and mental support to recover. Our blog post entitled Cleaning Up After An Arson Attack delves deeper into the emotional road to recovering from a fire, if you would like to learn more.

One of the 8 facts we published on the infographic was number of deaths that resulted from fires in the UK from 1981 to 2018. Thankfully, this number has been reducing, practically year on year since 1981, down from 760 to 340 but there’s still work to be done to reduce the number of fatalities. The terrible fire that ensued at Grenfell in 2018, and the subsequent loss of life is a stark reminder to us all of the threat that fire related incidents pose.

Simple steps like ensuring your smoke detector is functioning correctly by carrying out regular tests can help. In 2018, 38% of battery operated smoke alarms did not sound during a fire.

Whilst there are steps and measures we can take to prevent fire related incidents, there are also variables that we cannot control. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), in 2019, the month of July experienced the largest number of fires in the UK. July also experienced the highest temperature on record in the UK, which may have attributed to the increase in fire related incidents.

You can find the full list of facts that we gathered on this neat little infographic below.

Infographic displaying 8 facts on fire and smoke damage

Embed our infographic using the code snippet below!

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If you know of any informative fire related facts that we have missed, get in touch with the team via the form below.

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