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Bromine compounds have a variety of uses, most commonly in water purification applications, pesticides in agriculture and the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

In its pure form, Bromine is recognised as a potent chemical irritant and corrosive substance. Vapours arising from a Bromine spill are highly toxic with exposure to the vapours leading to a range of symptoms such as eye and nose inflammation, sore throat, chest ailments, headaches, respiratory obstructions and in extreme cases death.

Direct contact with Bromine can be corrosive to the skin, leading to painful burns.

It is essential in the event of a Bromine spill that the affected area be evacuated and the site of the spill isolated to prevent people not involved with the decontamination process being affected by Bromine vapours.

Due to Bromine’s biological properties, under Waste Management guidelines, the Environmental Agency have a

Ideal Response offer a comprehensive bromine disposal service which ensures the waste is classified as hazardous and disposed of following guidelines outlined by the Environmental Agency.

Ideal Response chemical disposal teams are equipped to deal with Bromine spills safely and efficiently. As a licensed waste carrier we are able to dispose of the residue through the appropriate waste removal routes. If you require further information or have additional questions that you need answers to, visit our Chemical Cleaning Service page or contact one of our experts today.

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