Heritage Property – Bat & Bird Guano Removal

The Challenge

The client was in need of a safe and stable surface in order to erect scaffolding, however, a large-scale bird guano and bat guano removal service was needed. Hay and masonry debris would first need to be removed before the bird guano removal service takes place. The safe removal and disposal of the waste would need to be completed on a tight time frame. Making it a job that the client couldn’t handle without expert help.

In addition to the challenge of a limited timeframe, there was also the overwhelming health risks that come with the presence of guano. Bat guano & bird guano is the faecal waste left behind by bats and birds. Both of which are full of harmful parasites, bacteria, and disease. It is for this reason again that the client was not equipped to deal with the issue themselves. Extensive PPE is essential and something that not everyone has access to. Ideal Response does. For any job with potentially harmful effects on health, our technicians are provided with industry leading PPE to ensure they are protected and as safe as possible.

Health Risks of Bat Guano Exposure:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Psittacosis
  • Parasites
  • Cryptococcosis
  • Salmonella
  • etc.

As well as the bat guano cleaning and disposal previously mentioned, the client also need an oil tank to be disposed of. This added another challenge to the job as oil is extremely hazardous and harmful to the environment. Additional planning and specialist equipment would be needed to safely remove and dispose of the oil tank in addition to the guano and other waste. Tickets would need to be provided for all of the bags of waste removed from the premises. This is to ensure that all waste is correctly and safely disposed of.

The Ideal Solution – Bat Guano Removal & Decontamination

The solution devised by our team of experts was created to ensure minimal disruption to any bats or birds roosting in the area. The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 needed to be carefully considered during the planning process. We were able to successfully devise a treatment that would adhere to the requirements whilst also delivering the high standard of results our client expected of Ideal Response.

There were several risks associated with the handling of bird guano and bat guano. Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Psittacosis and Salmonella are a few different risks to human health that were factored into the decision-making process for the service. All technicians stepping foot on the site would be equipped with PAPR respirator systems.

A MEWP would be used to reach high and otherwise difficult to reach areas. Once the site had been cleaned of guano the next step would be the use of other technology and chemicals. HEPA vacuum technology would be used to remove all trace amounts of waste. But, due to conservation requirements the vacuum could only be used externally and not on cracks or cavities. This is to ensure minimal disturbance to any wildlife nesting in the area. In order to complete the bird guano and bat guano removal service our technicians would treat the area with Virkon S, an industry standard decontamination chemical. The application of which can only be carried out in the morning to allow surfaces to dry by the afternoon/ evening.

Equipment used throughout the bat/bird dropping removal service:

  • HEPA Vacuum
  • PAPR Respirator System
  • Scissor Lifts
  • MEWP
  • Virkon S
  • Cleaning Rags

The Result

Our technicians successfully completed the bat guano removal service and decontaminated the property. Bird control measures were also installed on the property in order to prevent future guano deposits building up. Our technicians, equipped with PAPR respirator systems, were able to complete the job in the designated timeframe. Thus, ensuring minimal disruption to the active farm that the job was taking place on as well as allowing surveyors to safely enter the premises and conduct their work.

The goal of the service was to ensure that surveyors and professionals would be able to safely complete the required surveys needed for conservation on the property. This was achieved through the safe removal of guano, waste, and the oil tank. Once the area had been cleaned, our technicians used Virkon S decontamination chemicals to fully decontaminate the area.

Ideal Response were able to complete the job on time and me the standards of the client, ensuring the safety of all entering the premises. All the guano and waste removed from the premises were correctly bagged and a ticket was issued for each. Our technicians made sure that everything was correctly disposed of in accordance with environmental legislation.

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