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Ideal Response construction drying service

Ideal Response has over 20 years experience in the flood restoration and hygiene industry. We provide our drying services to both residential and commercial properties. Our expert technicians are fully trained and highly capable of using our industry leading technology. The technology we have at our disposal allows us to provide a number of drying solutions. Construction drying is one of the services we provide to customers. We will provide commercial drying services to construction sites of all sizes, similarly we provide residential drying for houses of all sizes.

If you have been the victim of a flood or seasonal weather changes during the construction process then it is very likely the building materials are saturated with water. Whilst the materials are saturated it is impossible for construction work to continue. These delays can set the project back, costing you more money and time. This is why drying out new construction is extremely import. Ideal Response can provide the best technology and technicians to get your project back underway as quickly as possible, posing minimal disruption.

Construction drying experts

New build properties often suffer with moisture retention and water damage as a result. With various wet trades and humidity retaining materials in use, care needs to be taken with the overall moisture and humidity levels within the building.

Adding to this natural weather patterns. It’s easy to see how rain, snow and frost can increase moisture levels to structures. Which are not yet weatherproof. Certain building materials, such as concrete, take a long time to dry out as they retain a lot of moisture.

Careful and strategic construction drying and construction dehumidification throughout and after the building process can help prevent trapped moisture. As well as subsequent damage, such as mould growth. With our industry leading technology, we can ensure that the most effective dehumidification process is put in place for your exact needs.

Personalised drying service

Whether you are in need of a dehumidifier to dry plaster or entire construction site dehumidifiers, have peace of mind knowing we have the solution to solve your specific problem. We understand construction sites and schedules vary. As a result the construction dehumidifier service we provide are tailored to suit your specific construction drying needs.

If excess or standing water is present in the construction, our technicians will use water extraction technology and wet vacs. The use of this equipment will speed up the overall drying process. Dehumidifying plaster and other construction materials is also included in the construction drying service.

With remote monitoring, we can be sure to stop it at exactly the right time. Reducing both costs and delays. We are also able to remotely control the dehumidification process in the way of increasing and decreasing the temperature in relation to the current relative humidity. As not to risk damage to susceptible building materials.

What if I don’t hire a construction drying service?

Leaving construction in a damp/saturated state without hiring a construction drying expert will lead to a number of issues. As previously mentioned, a wet construction site will cause delays to the building process. However, delays are minor issues compared to the other risks that are likely to surface. If decide against hiring a construction dehumidifier. If you do not hire experts construction site dehumidifiers you are inviting a mould/fungus infestation.

Mould will take root in timber, drywall as well as other building materials. In addition to potentially causing damage the structural integrity of the build. Avoiding mould is essential. Which is why drying out new construction should be considered a matter of urgency. The presence of mould also presents health risks to the builders working on the site.

The mould spores that fill the air can cause respiratory issues to individuals that inhale them. Dehumidifying plaster and other building materials on the construction site will help you protect your workers. Not to mention making the construction job far more streamlined.

Additional Services

As previously mentioned, Ideal Response are expert flood restoration and hygiene specialists. Upon request we can provide you with additional services alongside construction drying. Saving you time and money in the search for solutions.

We also provide services that could help with any secondary damage that may have been incurred due to your damp and moisture issues. The water damage cleanup service we provide includes the drying, stripping and disposal of damaged contents. Along with the restoration of your property to as close to its pre-incident state as possible. However, this service is better suited to construction sites that are closer to a completed stage. With moisture surveys also available, we can get an accurate understanding of the levels of damp. Combined with our construction drying service this will ensure your site is brought to a perfect moisture level. Enabling you to complete the construction process without falling behind schedule or costing you more money in the long-term.

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