Why Should Buildings Look Their Best?

Buildings that line our High Streets are arguably the face of Britain; are we looking after them well enough? Building and shop fronts can quickly become dirty or defaced: bird droppings, pollution, graffiti, and grime build up can become an unhygienic and unsightly part of our environment.

The retail world is changing; shopping arcades and online shopping loom large. High Street businesses throughout the UK need to work harder than ever to survive. Added to running a business effectively, owners of retail outlets now face new pressures to gain and retain customers. Stiff competition from the retail giants and online shopping means our High Streets need to present themselves as an attractive place to be.

How Clean is Your High Street?

Dirty UK Highstreet

In business as well as life, first impressions count. We are all guilty of making assumptions based on first impressions, it is human nature. When choosing a food or retail outlet, its appearance will influence your choice. The chances are if the front of the building is dirty and poorly maintained you will choose not to enter, it may not even be a conscious choice. A building that presents an unclean image on the outside doesn’t inspire confidence in potential customers that the inside will be any different. So, if we know that our customers are judging our businesses on appearance, why not turn it to our advantage and improve that appearance? Why not clean up the buildings in our High Streets and give these businesses the best chance to thrive?

Clean Buildings

For buildings, beauty is more than skin deep. Apart from the obvious benefits of looking great, a clean and well cared for building creates the impression of a well-run, professional business that cares. Our High Streets and the businesses they contain, each have their own USPs, they can offer a unique customer experience, exceptional service and a clean and bright welcome. Customers leave premises with the feeling that they wish to return. Business starts with the first impression; a poor first impression could mean that business doesn’t start at all.

A trip to the High Street should be an enjoyable and positive experience; that experience starts by creating a clean, bright and welcoming environment. Anything less provides potential customers with more reason to shop online or to dessert the High Street for the giant shopping centres.

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Benefits of Clean Buildings

UK High Street

Clean buildings could help to rejuvenate our High Streets. Imagine the contrast between a dirty, run-down High Street and a clean, well-presented High Street, packed with gleaming business façades. Businesses have a chance to thrive as they benefit from increased footfall, more sales and higher profits.

Added to an improved appearance, building cleaning improves hygiene and helps to preserve and protect them for the future. Our High Street outlets find themselves in a challenging climate, they need to meet the future with every possible advantage.

 Great first impression
 Improved hygiene
 Lower maintenance costs
 Buildings protected
 Increased customers
 Higher profits
 Lasting results

What are the Costs of Building Cleaning?

Our experienced team are happy to advise you and provide a quote for the cleaning of your building. Keeping your building clean and maintained is an investment. You are protecting, preserving and reducing future costs. Ideal Response provides building cleaning services for various types of buildings and structures. Our thousands of satisfied customers include local authorities, government organisations, business owners and organisations across commerce and industry.

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