Blood Cleaning in Kingston

The Challenge

Blood splatter is an awful thing to have to deal with.

For one thing, there is the cause of the blood splatter – whether it was a horrific event, or relatively harmless with no long-lasting consequences, it is understandable that you would be preoccupied with the incident itself rather than cleaning up after it. You almost certainly will have more immediate concerns.

You will be aware, though, that cleaning up the blood is vital for the health of the people in the property, and to ensure that the entire area is fully decontaminated. Blood can contain dangerous blood borne pathogens – infectious microorganisms that can be transmitted to people. These include, but are by no means limited to, hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – these are serious, life-threatening illnesses.

Blood Cleaning in Kingston upon Thames, London
Trauma Cleaning Services
Blood stained door requiring urgent cleaning

Simply put, the risks are just far too great. What you will need is a professional crime scene cleaning team to come in and take the problem away for you, a team that can guarantee that there is no trace of contamination left to give you the peace of mind you will need after a traumatic event.

When an elderly gentleman recently dropped a plate in his house, one of the shards of the plate bounced back up at him and cut his arm. This, seemingly innocuous, incident resulted in him needing 14 stitches. He was, understandably, in need of some help to get his house back to normal – when he returned from the hospital, he called a cleaning company that he could trust.

He called Ideal Response.

The Ideal Solution

Our team arrived and surveyed the scene. The blood was present in three separate rooms – the front room, the bathroom and the living room. The poor gentleman that had suffered the cut had attempted to clean up as much of the blood as possible with tea towels and bath towels, but there was just too much for him to do himself.

As always in cases like this, the team had arrived at the premises in full Personal Protection Equipment, including full-body white suits. The safety of our staff is always paramount, but this is especially true with the high risk of infection that goes along with trauma cleaning.

We began the clean by wiping down all of the hard surfaces that had been contaminated with blood. This included walls, furniture and even a chess board and chess pieces, which proved to be quite a fiddly process.

Blood stained tiles
Chess pieces with blood on

Once we were confident we had cleaned all of the blood, we began to decontaminate these surfaces using Decon 7, a specialised decontamination chemical. This acts as an ‘invisible barrier’, which not only helps to kill off pathogenic organisms including bacteria, viruses, biofilms, and fungi, but it also inhibits the growth of microbes in the future.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though – as the blood had been left for a few days while our client received some much-needed treatment, the carpets had become stained beyond repair. With his permission, our team removed every carpet that had been contaminated, and we disposed of them responsibly in hazardous waste bags.

Blood Cleaning in Kingston upon Thames, London
Blood Cleaning in Kingston upon Thames, London
Blood clean up services in London

Once we were satisfied that all of the blood had been removed from the property, we used a cleaning fog to ensure that the entire area, including the air, was clean. We made sure that every inch of the affected areas had been treated.

We weren’t satisfied there though. In order to make sure that the property was safe for our client we undertook ATP testing – these are readings that will give us an idea of the number of microorganisms present. This would tell us whether the trauma cleaning in Kingston had been effective or not.

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The Result

The results from the ATP testing showed us that the cleaning had been successful and our client’s home had been returned to a safe condition for him to live in. All of the contaminated equipment was disposed of responsibly by our team, leaving him with nothing to worry about other than his recuperation.

At a particularly stressful time, our blood cleaning in Kingston was able to take away unnecessary worries and health risks for our client. He was very happy with the results.

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