Nursery – Covid-19 Decontamination in Middlesborough

Going beyond conventional disinfectant treatments for schools

Nursery Decontamination

Longer-lasting COVID-19 decontamination for all surfaces


Client: Nursery, Middlesbrough
• Covid-19 decontamination required before schools reopen
• On-going protection to minimise risk to teachers and patients
• Advanced solution goes beyond ‘high-touch’ surfaces alone
• Five complex site decontaminations delivered over a 48-hour period


As schools reopen, meticulous hygiene for surfaces which are in constant use by staff and pupils must be ensured. And decontamination of those surfaces must performed despite time restraints. The client turned to Ideal Response to help get its schools back into service. The client is made up of five academies across Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and all needed rapid treatment.

A key requirement was to go beyond disinfection of high-touch surfaces alone, which many cleaning companies offer as a ‘deep clean’ service – despite its limitations. These include the potential to miss the cleaning of certain surface areas, hard-to-reach spots or larger areas for which conventional cleaning companies may not be well equipped. To truly prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses over a longer period of time, our client required all surfaces to be treated in a more advanced way.


Covid-19 deep cleaning

The Ideal Response team were able to offer a solution to the Academy which gave on-going protection to all surfaces and touch points in the facilities; both porous and non-porous and including textiles and curtains.

We achieved this using advanced technology and electro-static spraying to apply an antimicrobial coating to every surface of every school. The treatment is effective and safe, and gives significantly better coverage so that even hard-to-reach areas – where bacteria, odours or viruses could be harboured – are also effectively disinfected.

An important added advantage is that our antimicrobial solution forms a colourless, microscopic barrier which kills any microorganisms that land on it, for up to 12 months. This compares favourably with other disinfectant treatments where simply touching the treated surface can remove the disinfectant; renewing the risk that bacteria or a virus could spread.


IRG were able to arrange a complex contamination delivery service for 5 sites over a 48-hour period. We liaised closely with caretakers and staff on all premises, and performed walk-arounds to finalise the treatment plan, and take into account any site-specific considerations. For school environments, a quick and efficient decontamination service like this plays an important part in allowing academies to go back into service – ensuring that time constraints do not lead to a less than diligent treatment of all surfaces and areas.


“Before re-opening we knew we need a cleaning service that was going to deliver a more effective and permanent solution. We now have confidence that every corner of our five schools has been successfully treated.”
-The Client


We use a formidable but very safe sequence of commercial-grade viricidal, bactericidal and tuberculocidal disinfectants which meet The Environmental Protection Agency’s criteria for combating SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19).

For ongoing protection, we apply a commercial-grade micro-biostatic agent which effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, algae and mildew. Powered by MonoFoil, an industry-leader in surface defence technology, this is proven to be effective for up to 12 months, on all surfaces including fabrics and textiles.

Our treatments are administered by means of electro-static spraying. The force of electrostatic attraction is so powerful that disinfectant droplets will reach hidden or inaccessible areas, for a more thorough application that results in superior decontamination.

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Supporting schools and businesses through Covid-19

Our British Disaster Management Association trained technicians work at the forefront of Covid-19 deep cleaning. Whether it’s for hospitals, schools, doctors surgeries, offices or even a private residence, our business is restoring your environment to normal as fast as possible.

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