Deep Clean of a Soft Play Area – South East London


Imagine being asked to clean every single ball within a Soft Play area. Pretty daunting, don’t you think? Well that’s exactly what a customer requested from the team at Ideal Response. The customer was a large leisure centre with a Soft Play area, located in South East London.

Our client had received complaints from their customers, commenting on the buildup of dirt and grime within their Soft Play area. Whilst this was not an emergency, it was time sensitive for our client. They required a deep clean of the entire Soft Play area to be carried out in the quickest possible time frame.


Soft Play areas, in general, are prone to accumulating dirt and grime fairly quickly, simply due to the volume of children that use them on a daily basis. But in extreme circumstances, Soft Play areas can be a magnet for harbouring more sinister germs and viruses that can spread very quickly. In those situations, a more advanced solution such as Biosweep is required to decontaminate affected areas.

There’s also the challenge of how to clean every single plastic ball. Without the appropriate equipment, each ball would need to be carried out by hand. This would obviously negatively impact on the time it takes to complete the job and the overall cost of the job. 

Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to clean every ball by hand, we had an amazing machine, designed specifically to clean large volumes of plastic Soft Play balls. The plastic Soft Play balls are effectively sucked up by the machine into a vessel, where a specially formulated broad spectrum anti-microbial solution is applied, cleaning each individual ball on mass. Our machine cleans up to 250 Soft Play balls per minute, drastically reducing the time and cost it takes to execute a deep clean.

For this particular Soft Play area, it took our team just under an hour to clean every single ball. In addition to cleaning the plastic soft play balls, we also thoroughly cleaned and sanitised the netting, matts and other parts used within the soft play areas. The matts in particular had a large build up of dirt and grime above and beneath them.

Prior to the job commencing and upon completion of the deep clean, our team carried out ATP swab testing. This provided a benchmark and allowed us to verify levels of hygiene, providing confirmation that the area in question was cleaned to a safe and acceptable level.

Post job completion, a report was completed, accompanied by a hygiene certificate provided.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the machine at work.

Results and Testimonial

The client originally requested a one-off deep clean of their Soft Play Area. However, after a number of discussions, an agreement was made to conduct periodic, quarterly cleans throughout the year to help maintain hygiene standards.

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