Chemical Spillage Cleanup – Surgery


Our client is the manager of a surgery. Prior to the call to Ideal Response, a quantity of sulphuric acid had been spilled which had resulted in staff at the surgery suffering from a range of symptoms. The surgery manager explained that since the spill, the staff were suffering from various symptoms including: itching and sore throats. The fumes from the sulphuric acid needed to be removed and odour eliminated. Ideal Response were chosen for their ability to respond rapidly and their use of BioSweep ® technology for complete odour removal.

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Our Briefing

Sulphuric acid had been used to clean a sink and had been poured down the drain, fumes had permeated the entire office area. The building needed to be decontaminated and fumes and odour removed by neutralising the acid with appropriate concentrations of an alkali. The surgery is a two-story building and both floors were affected. Ideal Response were required to provide high performance air and surface decontamination throughout the building using our specialist BioSweep® technology.

The Technical Part

Sulphuric acid is toxic and corrosive as well as being reactive. Higher concentrations of sulphuric acid can be fatal if inhaled. The process began by neutralising the sulphuric acid with an alkali of an appropriate concentration. We used bicarbonate of soda and in equal amount of alkali, to neutralise the residual acid. After dealing with the cause of the problem, our technicians carried out a BioSweep® treatment on both floors throughout the building. Ideal Response technicians will carry out a full site assessment before any treatments commence to detail any unique site issues and to carry out the necessary calculations for the air and surface decontamination process. During the treatment the entire building needs to be free of occupants, plants and animals. The trained technicians will seal off the property and monitor the building for any openings or cracks that could allow vapour to escape.  It is essential that the building is properly sealed so that we are able to maintain a relative humidity (RH) of at least 45% and a minimum indoor air temperature of 21˚C to ensure the best possible outcome.

Client Review

Our client was very happy with the service we provided from start to end.

“Excellent service, very happy, good job done. Thanks”

If you are suffering the effects of a chemical spill call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 01622 926 505 for immediate assistance.

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