Full Pharmacy Decontamination Service


Client: Pharmacy owner, South East England  

• Customer infected with COVID-19 had visited premises
• Importance of safety and use of cleaning chemicals
• Rapid and discreet response
• Pharmacy decontamination now makes it safe for clients including the elderly

The Challenge

When a positive test of COVID-19 occurs in a commercial premise, it’s vital that a professional decontamination cleaning service is quickly implemented. That’s even more important in a busy pharmacy, which provides an essential service, and is often visited by the elderly.

The owner of two pharmacies in South East England faced this issue after a customer who visited one of the two pharmacies tested positive for COVID-19. Being a pharmacist, the owner was particularly concerned about the nature and safety of chemicals used in the cleaning process, so the Ideal Response Team had to provide peace of mind as well as decontamination cleaning.

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The Ideal solution

Ideal discussed fully discussed our decontamination cleaning service with the client a unique and strong broad-spectrum disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide and chelated silver. This has passed European testing for safety and use against COVID-19, which is reassuring for pharmacy decontamination.

The Ideal Response Team arranged to be on-site at a very specific time for our client. Since we were asked to remain discreet due to the nature of the decontamination cleaning, we arrived in regular vans and attire before changing into PPE including full face masks.

Our COVID-19 deep clean consisted of a thorough manual clean by our technicians to areas of treatment. Special attention was paid to high traffic areas that are often touched such as door handles, phones, computer terminals, etc. Once the deep clean was carried out, a full COVID-19 clean began, following our three-step process of Clear, Defend and Watch.

We repeated the pharmacy decontamination at the second pharmacy in the same way, and our client was extremely happy with the works provided. His top priority was to keep his staff and customers safe, and those requirements were fully met by the Ideal Response Team.

Benefits of a COVID-19 Cleaning

Giving you and your work staff a safe working environment in these struggling times. Ideal Responses COVID-19 cleaning services is a three-stage method that limits as much downtime to your business as possible. During a decontamination (COVID-19 clean) there is preparation work as well as the final stage of decontamination. The limited downtime that our COVID-19 cleaning brings, gives you complete peace of mind that your office is COVID-19 safe and it stays safe for 30 days protecting everyone inside.  

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