Needle Pick on Ilford Land Development Site

The Challenge

A development company had recently required a plot of land in Ilford in London, with the intention of building a block of luxury flats. It is essential for all developers that the entire process stays on schedule. One of the major challenges we faced during this job was dealing with the sharps disposal related issues as quickly as possible to ensure that the client faced no delays with their schedule. The plot of land had previously been a private car park. But, in recent times had become a common site for the homeless. The area also saw a great deal of drug use.

Subsequently, the drug paraphernalia was left on the premises, making the needle disposal required. These two factors made this area very dangerous for anyone stepping foot on the premises. Thus, making it impossible for any work to take place.

Sharps Disposal on Develppment Plot

Unfortunately, due to the nature of homelessness it is very common for areas like this development site to be extremely hazardous. This is due to the presence of human waste, litter, drug paraphernalia and other substances. For the site to be surveyed and the development of the apartment buildings to take place the area first needed to be professionally cleaned. The sharps disposal carried out to guarantee the safety of everyone on site and to guarantee nothing harmful remained.

The Ideal Solution – Sharps Disposal

Three teams were deployed to perform sharp disposal in the area in the most efficient way possible. Due to the size of the land, we determined that three teams would be required. All technicians in the cleaning teams were also fully equipped with PPE. This was to ensure their safety during the disposal of sharps.

Uvex HexAmor Sharpmaster II 9014 cut resistant gloves and HexAmor Needle & Cut Resistant 8″ Armguard AG8TW were utilised throughout the needle pick service. These PPE items ensured that our technicians were fully protected against the potentially harmful needles during the service.

The land had been occupied by homeless people and because of this the entire area needed to be attentively checked for any drug paraphernalia, litter, and waste. Our three teams worked in unison to cover every square meter of the plot. Litter pickers were used to safely pick up and dispose of anything removed from the area. The waste was then safely bagged and disposed of in the correct means, depending on the type of waste. Drug paraphernalia is extremely hazardous due to both the presence of drugs and human blood. Our technicians took great care, using litter pickers and other equipment to safely clean up the area during the sharp disposal. The three team were able to ensure the site was thoroughly and efficiently cleaned.

The Result

The development site was successfully cleaned of all drug paraphernalia in the agreed upon time frame. Whilst are team of experts were conducting the sharps disposal the area was also cleaned of any waste or litter. All of which was disposed of safely and in accordance with governmental legislation.

Syringes during sharps disposal

As licensed upper-tier waste carriers, Ideal Response are fully capable of handling and correctly disposing of all forms of waste including disposing of sharps. The entire cleaning and disposal process was completed in only two days of the initial contact with the customer. Our needle pick service was completed in such a timely manner that the development company was able to resume the land surveying and commence with their schedule without any further delays. The developer was able to avoid any delay costs as a result. Our thorough cleaning service also ensured that the area was completely safe for anyone entering the area.

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