Odour Removal And Deep Clean in Enfield

Odour removal Summary

• Strong smells required odour removal
• Multi-stage deep clean performed
• BioSweep guarantees odour removal
• Flat cleaned and made hygienic for rental again

The Challenge

After the death of a loved one, there is usually family who can be depended upon to help with formalities and to take charge of the deceased’s home – but that’s not always the case. At Ideal Response, we know that tragedy can strike at any time to those who live alone, and it can mean a home left in disarray and in dangerous, unsanitary conditions.

In this case, the tenant of a one bedroom flat had passed away, and the property had been empty for a week before distressed neighbours reported smells coming from the flat. It transpired that the man who lived there had collected a substantial amount of clutter and refuse in his small apartment, and was living in extremely unhygienic conditions. The challenge for Ideal was to deal with the clutter, perform a thorough clean, and ensure complete odour removal in Enfield to return the apartment to a fully habitable condition for the property management company involved.

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The Ideal Solution

The deceased gentleman had accumulated a substantial amount of clutter and rubbish in the small apartment, and human waste covered the bathroom, while the kitchen was full of empty bottles and food packaging. All of this contributed to significant odours which affected the neighbours. Generally, the flat was in very poor condition, and since there was not much of sentimental value, the Ideal Response team were instructed to remove and safely dispose of all contaminated materials (including the bed, bed frame, mattress and carpets); put aside all valuables, letters and personal items for future collection; and ensure complete odour removal.

The team began by throwing away all rubbish and waste in heavy duty bin bags, followed by the contaminated furniture items. Once all rubbish had been removed and all personal/valuable items had been put to one side, the team performed a deep clean of the property. This meant wiping down all surfaces and ensuring that the whole apartment space was brought back to a clean and liveable condition.

Decontaminating the bathroom required a cleaning phase of its own since this is where odour removal was most important. As always, where biohazards are present, the Ideal team wore full PPE since human faeces are an obvious source of dangerous pathogens and can transmit disease. We removed the human waste and rubbish and then used our multi-stage cleaning process on the bathroom: Sanitise, Cleanse and Rinse.

Due to the severity of the flat’s condition, the Ideal team validated that our deep clean had been successful using ATP testing. This swab testing method detects for the absence of bacteria from cleaned surfaces which means we could provide evidence of the cleanliness of the flat to the property management company.

Finally, as there had been a mortality in the flat as well as very contaminated bathroom, we performed a BioSweep to ensure full odour removal in Enfield.

Odour Removal And Deep Clean
Deep Clean
Odour Removal And Deep Clean
Odour Removal

The Technical Bit

For the general cleaning of this small flat, we used our established multi-stage cleaning process as follows:

Sanitise: A disinfectant or sanitiser is applied to affected areas and surfaces through saturation spraying or Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) fogging. This spray or fog significantly reduces micro-organisms which may still be present following the initial decontamination. The application has a particular dwell time (often referred to as contact time), which is how long the treated surface remains saturated in order for the cleaning agent to effectively kill bacteria or micro-organisms. Ideal always follows the manufacturer’s recommendation before progressing to the next stage.

Cleanse: Once the dwell time has passed, our technicians begin to agitate the surfaces being cleaned to ensure a thorough coverage is achieved. Directional cleaning procedures are used to ensure no affected areas are missed and also reduce cross-contamination to previously unaffected areas.

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Rinse: All surfaces are now rinsed with water from a potable source. An extraction process is carried out after the rinse using specialist wet vacuuming systems to efficiently remove any aqueous waste. Our multi-stage cleaning process is complete, although it can be repeated if necessary to achieve the level of cleanliness required in demanding situations.

A further two stages of cleaning were then used to ensure a thorough deep clean and odour removal in Enfield.

We used ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) testing whereby we pass a swab over cleaned areas to confirm the cleanliness of the environment. By evaluating the level of adenosine triphosphate we can verify our cleaning effectiveness to customers.

Finally, our BioSweep process provides area and surface decontamination and is particularly effective at odour removal including microbe eradication. This 5-stage BioSweep process is 100% environmentally friendly and has a 100% decontamination guarantee which lasts for a year – which is very useful for a property management company.

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