Oil Spill in Rainham, Kent

The Challenge

Whatever the circumstance or location, an oil spill is a major problem that requires urgent attention. Even on a much smaller scale than the giant tankers spilling into the ocean, oil is incredibly damaging to the environment, and people, when spilt on land.

When oil is spilt on grassland it prevents water from being absorbed by the soil, which has a dramatic effect on the plant life in the area, which will of course have many knock-on effects for the wildlife in the area. The entire ecosystem is thrown into jeopardy.

On top of that oil spills pose a major risk to the health of people around them. Exposure to oil can cause a whole host of illnesses and health issues, ranging from respiratory damage to an increased risk of cancers.

Time is a critical factor when dealing with oil spills. The longer a spill is left, the further the problem can spread, and the more expensive and difficult that it then becomes to completely clear up.

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When a long-standing client of ours experienced a spill of hydraulic oil, safety was their top priority. They knew the risks involved and they knew that time was a factor, so they got in touch with a company that they knew they could trust to get the job done – a company that they have come to rely on to carry out reliable works on their behalf.

They called Ideal Response.

The Ideal Solution

When our team arrived on site in Kent, they surveyed the scene to determine the extent of the damage. They were greeted with a small hydraulic oil spill, which they had not attempted to mitigate, making the wise decision instead to protect the safety of their staff. The area had been cordoned off.

It was decided that we would split up the work into two phases, first the removal of standing oil around the site, and then the extraction of any excess oil.

Phase 1: In order to remove the standing oil, we deployed our ‘wet vac’ vacuum. This is a vacuum that is specifically designed to remove liquid spills. We worked on the affected area until we were sure that we had cleared up as much of the liquid as was possible by this means.

What we were left with was the stubborn areas of oil that would need breaking down before they could be removed.

Phase 2: We decided to combat these areas by applying OT8 to the affected areas. OT8 is a blend of biodegradable surfactants that acts as a detergent to break down the stubborn sections of the oil spill. It is an environmentally-friendly agent, so we can use it safe in the knowledge that we will not be causing any harm to the environment – it is commonly used on oil spills on roads as it doesn’t cause any surface erosion.

This is then rinsed with water, and so that no oil is washed down drains, we use the wet vacs again to hoover up all of the water and oil remnants. This is then disposed of responsibly.

Oil Spill Rainham
Oil Spill Kent
Oil Spill Rainham

The Result

As you can see from the photos below, the result was emphatic – all of the oil was completely cleaned up and a dangerous and the unsightly problem was completely removed.

Oil Spill Services in Rainham
Oil Spill Services Kent
Oil Spill Services Rainham

This worked to enhance an already excellent relationship with our client. They have praised us for both our methods of reporting, and also our communication; giving them a direct point of contact to make everything easier when arranging work.

The oil spill in Rainham was cleared up with a minimum of fuss.

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