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Accredited mould remediation specialists in Southampton and surrounding areas

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  • Accredited mould remediation specialists in Southampton and surrounding areas
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Ideal Response are your local mould removal specialists. If you’re looking for professional mould removal in Southampton, rest assured that we are exactly who you have been looking for. We have over 20 years of experience in the damage restoration and hygiene industry. Have peace of mind knowing our mould experts are experienced and fully equipped with state of the art techniques and technology.

Expert Mould Removal in Southampton

The Ideal Response mould experts will combine their knowledge and industry leading technology to guarantee you a quick and quality mould removal service in Southampton. Speak to one of our experts today to get a quote and date for your mould cleaning service. We can have a professional mould removal expert with you in 24 hours of your call. This means that we can have a team with you for mould removal in Southampton in one day of initial contact. Ensuring that all infestations are dealt with as a matter of urgency, minimising the amount of time you will spend in a potentially harmful environment.

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Standing water can cause the air to become saturated, which in turn can cause condensation. As a result, this condensation can collect on surfaces and cause them to become damp and if left for too long. This will cause mould to grow and further damage your home. It is vital that when looking for mould removal in Southampton that you waste no time and hire a professional quickly. If allowed to remain mould will continue to spread and pose even greater risks to your property and health.

Potential Health Risk of Mould

Mould can have very adverse health effects on the inhabitants of the property. The mould spores in the air can cause respiratory issues and other negative health effects. An Ideal Response damp expert can conduct the mould cleaning service for you in Southampton with minimal disruption to your home or business. Once the mould cleaning service is completed our experts will provide you with a write up of the services and a report on the likely root cause of the damp that has enabled the mould growth.

Most properties have mould in some form or other – often hidden behind surface finishes, in voids and within stud partitions. If you have been the victim of damp or flooding and did not seek a professional flood damage cleanup service, you may find this to be the root cause of you current mould infestation.

Mould infestations can take root almost anywhere in a property. Places with higher a moisture content or damp are the most likely location because they create the perfect environment for mould take take root. Common places for this to occur are:

  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Domestic Properties
  • Bathrooms
  • Front Rooms
  • Window Sills

During the cleaning of the mould our experts are fully equipped with top of the line personal protective equipment (PPE). The safety of our technicians is always considered and prioritised with mould cleaning services in Southampton. Alongside PPE we also offer an abatement enclosure, we use polythene sheeting to seal doorways or other access and egress points, limiting the chances of mould spores spreading through the property while we are working.

As part of the mould removal service we use various types of industry leading technology throughout the cleaning process. The different pieces of equipment are used to focus on different stages of the clean. One stage of the clean utilises ULV Fogging technology to neutralise airborne spores. Our mould cleaning in Southampton services guarantee your property is returned to a safe condition and thoroughly cleaned.

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