Unfortunately, history is set to repeat itself once again this year, with amber flood warnings issued across the South of England. The weather warnings have been issued to a number of places across the Southern and Midlands areas of the country, similarly to the flooding that occurred this time last year. In 2021 many towns and cities were faced with the unwelcome arrival of floods; London in particular was heavily affected by the rain and subsequent flooding.

Naturally, areas that are close to rivers, streams and other sources of water will be more prone to flood. If you are located close to a water source it is important to understand that you are in the prime area for flooding.

The London floods were devastating for many families and businesses and if not for the help of Ideal Response’s Flood Damage Cleanup and Water Extraction Services many people would have been left to deal with the flooding and flood damage themselves. Hiring an expert to carry out a water extraction service during or immediately after the incident will help prevent any lasting damage and mitigate the risks of any secondary flood and water damage from occurring. If you are experiencing flooding this year, you should contact one of our experts immediately to begin your flood damage cleanup

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Is Your Area at Risk of Flooding

Amber flood warnings have been issued for several areas throughout England. These areas include:

  • Derbyshire
  • London
  • River Beam
  • River Rom
  • River Pinn

Simple Steps You Should Take During a Flood

The first step should always be to contact an expert immediately. If you are experiencing flood related issues, then call one our experts on 0808 256 1470 or visit our website to book your flood damage cleanup service and return your property to normal ASAP.

Another important step is to minimise the amount of water entering your property. Between your call and our arrival there is time for the flooding to get worse. Limiting the extent of the damage will not only help prevent further damage, but it will also save you time and money for the flood removal service itself. You can do this by blocking in gaps under doors and other potential entrances into your property. Use anything you can that may help; sandbags and towels and other items can be used to block any entrances and limit the water ingress.

Secondary Damage

Unfortunately, the flood itself isn’t the end of your problems. The flood water can lead to further issues that can pose a risk to your property and its inhabitants. We recommend that anyone experiencing a flood should look to have an expert remove the flood water as soon as possible to minimise the chances of secondary damage. It should be noted that extracting the flood water will reduce the chances of further damage, but it may not fully mitigate it.

Mould Growth

Mould growth is one of the major concerns that may come about as a result of a flood. To help prevent mould growth in your property after a flood it is vital that you ensure your property is well ventilated and you have consistent air flow throughout the rooms. This will help the walls and furniture to dry, whilst also allowing the saturated air to exit the property. Another helpful tip is to use your cookers extractor fan to remove the damp air!

Damp Odour

The damp odour that can be left after a flood is another concern. In some cases, it can be so unpleasant that it can render a property uninhabitable. Hiring an expert to perform a Damp Odour Removal service will remove the odour and leave your property free of all bad smells.

Additional Services Offered By Ideal Response

At Ideal Response we provide a range or services that may be of help to anyone that has been a victim of flooding. Not only can we assist in the removal and extraction of water, but we can also provide our services for any secondary damage that you experience because of the incident. These services include:

  • Suction Drying
  • Pressure Drying
  • Room Dehumidification
  • Mould Removal

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