Mould Removal London

Accredited mould remediation specialists in London and surrounding areas
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Mould Removal London

  • Accredited mould remediation specialists in London and surrounding areas
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Throughout our 20+ years in operation we have delivered countless services in London and the local areas. During this time, we have performed our mould removal service for domestic, commercial, and industrial properties in the London area. The Ideal Response mould removal London service covers all types of property and all scales of mould proliferation. All Ideal Response technician has been extensively trained and are fully capable of delivering the highest standard of mould removal service.

For large scale industrial or commercial properties affected by mould proliferation we deploy multiple teams of technicians. Thus, greatly reducing the time of the mould remediation service without compromising on quality. The size of the team we deploy can vary depending on the scale of the job at and the urgency in which you need the job completed. But rest assured, we will cater to your needs and deliver the best results.

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Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you first notice the mould growth within your property. We guarantee that no matter what day or time that is, we will be available to help. You can speak to an expert via telephone call, website live chat or web form submission. Upon contact we will gather the relevant information and provide you with a free estimate and proposed date of works.

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Professional Mould Removal in London

The Ideal Response London mould removal service consists of three distinct steps. The steps are designed to fully address the different aspects of the mould issue. Throughout our time in operation, we have fine-tuned the process to be the most effective and efficient mould removal service available in London and the wider UK.

The Three-Step Process Consists Of:

  • HEPA Vacuuming – The initial step in our process utilises HEPA filter and vacuuming technology to remove microscopic fungal particles. HEPA filter technology is designed to capture 99.9% of microscopic particles that would otherwise pass through traditional filters and re-enter the air. Our technicians will vacuum all contaminated surfaces to remove the surface level particles and any airborne mould spores.
  • Manual Washdown & Fungicidal Treatment – Once all contaminated surfaces have been vacuumed using the state-of-the-art HEPA filter technology, we commence a manual washdown. The manual washdown consists of our cleaning technicians manually wiping all surfaces with a safe fungicidal cleaning solution. Wiping the surfaces removes surface mould and the fungicidal solution will penetrate the surface and kill the mould at its root. This is extremely important when removing mould because without eliminating the root it will quickly return.
    Once all mould has been removed from the surfaces within your London property, we will then apply a second cleaning solution. This solution creates a long-lasting barrier between the surface and the air. By doing so it protects the surface from any fungal spores and mitigates the chance of mould growth occurring again whilst it is still active.
  • ULV Fogging & Decontamination – In the final stage of the London mould removal service we disperse a broad-spectrum biocidal solution. The ULV fogging technology disperses the solution, effectively eliminating 100% of any remaining airborne mould spores within you London property. The solution also decontaminates the air and surfaces within your property as well as neutralising 100% of lingering mould odours.
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Causes & Risks

Mould growth is caused when the conditions inside your London property are conducive to mould or fungal growth. For this to happen there must be high moisture levels inside the property. A safe humidity level is between 30-60%, anything above this is considered too high. Mould and fungal growth require high moisture levels to grow. Another factor that contributes to mould proliferation in your London property is a lack of airflow. Without airflow your property will be filled with stagnant saturated air which will settle and condense on surfaces.


Long-term exposure to mould & fungal spores can lead to various health problems. Mould is a category one health risk – the same category as Asbestos – and should be treated as such. We highly recommend that you seek the help of a mould removal expert like Ideal Response as soon as you notice mould growth. By dealing with the issue immediately you will be mitigating the risks of long-term exposure. The health risks of long-term exposure are:

  • Respiratory Issues
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Skin Conditions/ Rashes
  • Headaches

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It is unlikely that any of these symptoms will occur immediately. However, prolonged exposure can lead to them. This is why we recommend that as soon as you notice mould proliferation you seek the help of a professional. Quickly dealing with the issue will mitigate the risks associated with prolonged exposure and will also stop the mould spreading. Dealing with the issue when it is in a small, contained area will reduce the cost of the service. In addition to the time it takes to complete it. Contact Ideal Response today to receive a free estimate and proposed date of works for your London mould removal service.

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