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Accredited oil spill removal company in London and surrounding areas
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  • Accredited oil spill removal company in London and surrounding areas
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With millions of cars passing through the streets of London each day and countless construction sites throughout every London borough, an oil spill emergency is not beyond the realms of possibility. No matter the location or size of the oil spill, Ideal Response are equipped to deliver the best standard of oil spill cleaning in London.

Oil spills pose a serious risk to the environment as well as to the health and safety of anyone that is exposed to the contaminants. Because of the dangers posed by oil spills, it is essential that a professional and efficient oil spill cleanup is carried out. Ideal Response has been providing the highest standard of oil spill cleanup to anyone in need. Our rapid oil response teams can be onsite within two hours of your call. From our main office we can reach every London borough within a matter of hours.

Our Oil Spill Cleanup Process

Ideal Response utilises a state-of-the-art bioremediation approach to dealing with oil spills. In a city like London, with over nine million inhabitants and millions of vehicles passing though each day, a quick and safe oil spill cleaning process is essential. Bioremediation is the process of neutralising the harmful pollutants in the oil, using naturally occurring microorganisms. This approach guarantees that the oil, once treated, no longer poses a risk to the environment or local eco-system.

Our process can be broken down into five distinct steps:

  1. Assessment
  2. Containment
  3. Bioremediation
  4. Jet Washing/ Dilution
  5. Wet Vacuuming/ Removal of Contaminants

When we first arrive on the site of the oil spill, our focus is to contain the spill. Preventing the situation from getting worse. Because of the countless scenarios in which an oil spill can occur in London, containing the spill is vital in limiting the danger and reducing the potential cleanup time. We complete this initial containment phase by deploying oil spill pads and booms. London streets are full of drains and there is no shortage of open water sources. Preventing the oil from reaching these areas is an important step in our London oil spill cleaning process.

When the bioremediation process is complete, we dilute the now soluble solution with pressure washers. Then remove all traces of it using wet vacs and absorbent materials. The area is then fully decontaminated to guarantee it is safe and no longer poses a risk to health & safety.

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Oil Spills We Clean in London

No matter the type of oil spill you are experiencing, Ideal Response are the best choice. In our 20+ years in operation we have successfully handled various types of oil spills. We have developed our process and trained our technicians extensively to be able to clean up all types and all sizes of oil spills.

Oil Spills We Clean in London

  • Gasoline Oil Spills
  • Diesel Oil Spills
  • Hydraulic Oil Spills
  • Hard Surface Oil Spills
  • Water Oil Contamination
  • Soil Contamination

The Importance of Rapid Oil Spill Response

Not only do oil spills pose a risk to the environment but they can also cause a massive amount of disruption. If an oil spill occurs on a busy road in central London, the repercussion of an unforeseen event like this could lead to major disruption throughout the city. Alternatively, an oil spill on a commercial or industrial worksite can result in closure and disruption to work. Not only can this affect eh timeframe of business activities, but that delay will also have financial repercussions.

Naturally, the longer an oil spill goes untreated, the greater the disruption and extent of the damage will be. Because most oil spills are vehicle related, it is common for the spills to take place in areas that have a lot of traffic. This is one of the ways in which oil spills spread and, cars will drive through and spread the oil out over long distances. This can result in a relatively small oil spill become a much larger and more serious issue in a very short period.

Rapid Response Experts

Our oil spill response teams are experts in delivering a fast and effective oil spill cleaning service. We can also deploy multiple teams if the size of the job requires it. The extensive training and industry leading equipment we utilise during the cleaning process guarantees that we will deliver the best service available in London and that we succeed in reducing the amount of disruption an oil spill can cause.

An example of a similar scenario is an oil spill in Hyde Park during a Netflix film production. The oil spill put the production on hold and disrupted traffic on the main road. The consequences would have been far reaching if it had not been for our rapid response teams. They arrived on site in a matter of hours and quickly completed the oil spill cleanup. The production was able to recommence, with the oil spill only causing minimal disruption to the production and to the traffic.

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Ideal Response is open 24/7 and 365 days a year. We know that emergencies can happen at any time, and you can’t always afford to wait for a solution. Ideal Response is the solution to your London oil spill cleanup needs and our experts are always available to solve the oil spill problem you’re facing. You can speak to our team at any time via our website live chat, telephone call or webform submission. From that first moment of contact we will provide you with an estimate and once agreed we can be onsite in as little as 2-hours. Contact us today and solve your oil spill problem.

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