Extreme Cleaning Harrow

Accredited Extreme Cleaning Specialists in Harrow and Surrounding Areas

Extreme Cleaning Harrow

  • Accredited Extreme Cleaning Specialists in Harrow and Surrounding Areas
This is a service for:
  • Business customers

  • Domestic customers

Ideal Response extreme cleaning Harrow service is a comprehensive cleaning service for properties that are considered to be unsanitary, unsafe and hazardous. Our expert technicians will clear, clean and decontaminate the property, returning it to a comfortable and safe environment.

Whether you’re looking to hire an expert extreme cleaning service for yourself, a family member/loved one or tenant. Ideal Response are the leaders in the field of hoarder cleaning and will guarantee you receive the best service possible. As well as working with individuals, Ideal Response are recognised service providers that work closely with local authorities. We have worked with a number of local authorities and provided our hoarder cleaning Harrow, helping to change countless people lives through the service.

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Professional Extreme Cleaning Harrow

In our 20+ years of operation we have helped countless individuals by returning their property in Harrow to it’s beautiful best. Our highly experienced technicians have been trained to help hoarders during the hoarder/extreme cleaning process for their property in Harrow. They understand that for some people it can be a very stressful process. Disposing of items that help sentimental value or attachment as well as cleaning for the first time in what could potentially be years. Our technicians will work alongside the customer during the extreme cleaning Harrow service to sort through the contents of the property, identify items of monetary or emotional value and keep them safe throughout the service.

Ideal Response Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Identification of items of value
  • Clearance, removal & disposal of all waste
  • Cleaning & 100% decontamination of grossly unsanitary environments
  • Professional, accredited and discreet service

Accredited Service Providers

Ideal Response have provided a professional cleaning service to organisations since 2001. We are CHAS and N.A.C.S.C. accredited and our technicians are trained to the highest industry standards. We are also fully licensed upper-tier waste carriers. Meaning that we are fully qualified and capable of handling all forms of waste. In addition to the handling of the waste, we also have access to the correct means of disposal. Upon request our customers can receive waste transfer notes which provide confirmation that their waste has been correctly disposed of.

We ensure that all waste removed from the customers property during the hoarder cleaning is disposed of or recycled correctly. In accordance with government legislation and guaranteeing the waste will cause no damage to the environment.

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Personalised Harrow Hoarder Clean Up Service

Discreet Service Providers

At Ideal Response we understand that there is a certain type of stigma attached to hoarding or the need for extreme cleaning. This is often what discourages people in need of the service from seeking it. Our aim is to help people in need and as a result we have designed our extreme cleaning Harrow service to have the option of being done discreetly.

This is done to protect the privacy of the customer and help them to feel safe and ready to take the step and receive the help they need. As part of the discreet extreme cleaning service we provide our technicians will arrive to the property in unbranded (white) vans and unbranded uniforms. Giving no indication to neighbours what the nature of the service is or who is providing it.

Odour Removal

Depending on the job at hand and the requirements of the customer we can use different approaches and technology. This is done to get job completed to the best standard in the shortest possible timeframe. If lingering odours are an issue once the extreme clean has been completed we can deploy our BioSweep technology. Which ensures 100% effective odour removal. The patented BioSweep technology also fully decontaminates the air, removing all bacteria, viruses, pathogens, mould spores, fungal hyphae and more.


As part of the extreme cleaning Harrow service our expert technicians will also perform a full decontamination and sanitisation of the property. We ensure that all surfaces are left safe and clean once the sanitising and disinfecting has been completed. The use of cleaning chemicals and industry leading technology ensure that all surfaces are left clean and the environment is safe and healthy. Air & surface decontamination technology can be used as well as electrostatic sprayers to decontaminate the air and surfaces. Whilst providing long term protection from bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

ATP Testing

Adenosine Triphosphate (AT) testing can also be performed upon request both before and after the hoarder cleaning service is complete. ATP testing uses relative light units to measure the amount of bacteria on a surface. By conducting the test pre and post clean our technicians can provide the customer with validation of the extreme cleaning service.

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